Debt Collection

Effective outbound calls using the Hostcomm Predictive Dialler to reach debtors and organise repayments.

Integrate your CRM

For debt collection agencies, it usually costs more to recover an outstanding debt, than the outstanding debt itself is worth, in terms of time, admin and lost profit. Putting your admin processes through automated workflow can increase your profitability and improve collection effectiveness.

Hostcomm has a Hosted Predictive Dialler that will fully automate many of your collection processes with full integration with all quality CRMs including Salesforce and SugarCRM. It can recall debtors, trigger CRM workflow actions from the dialler outcome codes and create daily call lists from deadlines set on your CRM system.

Integration features with a hosted dialler and CRM system:

  • PCI compliant payment IVR collection system: Any card payment transactions can be made securely within a call, reducing costly follow-up calls.
  • Click to dial from CRM: One click to dial directly from customer details held in your CRM, reducing errors and increasing agent efficiency.
  • Log calls made from CRM:  Call logs from the dialler are shown in the CRM giving staff an overview of all customer interactions on-screen.
  • Click to add to daily dialler call list: Prioritise call activity to agents to reach the most important goals.
  • Client record screen pop on inbound & outbound call connect: On-screen client details increases agent confidence and improves customer efficiency.
  • CRM updates following dialler call: Fewer errors by transcribing notes and less agent downtime between calls.
  • Automatically add a client to dialler call list:  The dialler can have reminders set for follow-up calls based on rules - e.g. late payments.
  • SMS messaging: Sending text messages can improve response rates and gives a better customer experience.
  • Automatically trigger an email, SMS or letter: As well as diary follow up, you can trigger an email, SMS or letter automatically.
  • Call recording: Call recording and advanced call search functions to find the recording you need, stored by us. These can also link to the client record on the CRM.
  • API interface for integrating with 3rd party applications: Full integration of our dialler with your CRM will reduce debtor contact time and increase follow-up efficiency.

Using our state of the art communications technology, we can link seamlessly to your business systems. Call us today to talk about how we can help your business grow faster.

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