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Hosted VoIP technologies give charities a range of flexible services that can be easily adapted for every new campaign. Hostcomm Outbound Call Centre products ensure charities can provide the highest levels of customer service cost effectively. 

Our services offer:

Call Centre

Call Centre is a cost-effective, hosted system that gives you the flexibility to develop campaigns of any size without incurring unnecessary costs. It also includes intelligent scripting features that give agents confidence on customer calls.

Hosted technology removes the need for additional software or licences and keeps your phone bills low. And with the ability to work across multiple locations easily, it's great for your agents that work from home or in different locations. 

CRM Integration

Integration of the Hostcomm Dialler with your existing CRM system provides a better experience for your customer and makes your agents more efficient. Through the dialler and the client details on your CRM, an agent can simply click on a customer’s number to instantly place a call. Agent productivity and efficiency are not only increased, but the margin of dialling error is also reduced.

The dialler works seamlessly with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, BrightOffice, Zoho, Vtiger and other CRMs using its application programming interface (API). 

Advanced Contact Centre Features

When handling any on-call credit and debit card payments, it's your responsibility to protect your customers from fraud. Hosted PCI compliant Interactive Voice Response (IVR) payment features ensure your organisation fully complies with the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS).

Call Recording not only helps with staff training but can also be invaluable for customer disputes. Hostcomm's Call Recording service keeps all recorded calls securely stored. Advanced search features allow you to find specific calls which can be linked to any client record on your CRM.

The Hostcomm Outbound Dialler offers agent productivity features such as ‘click to dial’. 

Hosted Telephony services

When you use Hostcomm's Hosted Telephony services together with the Hostcomm Predictive Dialler, it will help you engage with your customers more effectively and will quickly increase your team’s efficiency. 

From full CRM integration to delivering a consistent, high-quality customer experience, Hostcomm's advanced telephony systems provide a large number of features to help you. And every call is crystal clear HD quality every time.

Read the case studies...


Homeless charity Shelter, wanted to trial a new campaign called ‘Welcome calling’.

A specially selected team of agents would call recent one-off contributors asking to continue their payments. Shelter chose the Hostcomm Hosted Predictive Dialler to maximise agents’ talk time and enable a seamless campaign.

Discover how the charity has seen increased monthly contributions since using Hostcomm's predictive dialler by reading the full Shelter case study.

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