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Data Pacific joins the Hostcomm Reseller Programme

Data Pacific

Data Pacific reseller partnership with Hostcomm

IT support company, Data Pacific, partnered with Hostcomm to deliver a hosted dialler solution to charge card firm Diners Club.

As a result, the company increased its client’s productivity, ensured customer satisfaction, and unlocked a new source of recurring monthly revenue.

The challenge

As an IT partner to Diners Club, Data Pacific was tasked with identifying a solution that would increase agent productivity in the organisation’s contact centre. In particular, Diners Club wanted to generate more outbound calls per agent.

However, in the absence of in-house expertise, Data Pacific needed to find a suitable partner who could provide the solution and assist with back-end configuration. After four weeks’ research, Data Pacific discovered Hostcomm’s Hosted Predictive Dialler. Further research into a potential partnership showed that Hostcomm would not only provide the hosted dialler, but support Data Pacific by delivering:

• A professional web demo offering insights into the hosted dialler service

• Detailed answers to technical and operational questions

• A solution that's commercially attractive, cloud-based with no capital investment

• Set-up and full support of a free trial

• The ability for Data Pacific to maintain control of the customer experience

The implementation

Working in partnership, Hostcomm made it easy for Data Pacific to present the benefits of Hosted Predictive Dialler. This began with a web demo and was soon followed by a trial, which could be launched quickly with no on-site infrastructure changes.

While Hostcomm handled the back-end configuration of the Hosted Predictive Dialler, Data Pacific configured handsets and user accounts. Each company worked in tandem, focusing on its own areas of expertise. As a result, the trial was up-and-running quickly, so users could log in and start using their data sooner.

At the same time, the partnership still gave Data Pacific complete control of the system it was providing Diners Club. When initial issues arose with call quality, Data Pacific could listen to recorded calls and identify that the problem was coming from the third party.

Go live

Following a successful trial phase, Diners Club transitioned to a full deployment without issue. However, Data Pacific identified the need for hot-desking flexibility, since agents often changed desks depending on team requirements.

With full control and admin access to the dialler, Data Pacific could introduce softphones and configure them without help from Hostcomm. While the partnership gave Data Pacific the technology, deployment, and support it needed, the company retained complete governance over the experience and service it delivered to its Diners Club.


When Data Pacific needed to deliver a dialler to Diners Club, the company became a Hostcomm partner. Hostcomm could provide a cost-effective solution, expertise and support as required, as well as helping Data Pacific to demo the benefits and putting it all into place.

Meanwhile, Data Pacific remained in control of the experience it gave Diners Club. Today, Data Pacific continues to earn monthly revenue from the dialler with confidence that Hostcomm is on-hand if any additional support is required.

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