Hostcomm Announces a Reseller Partnership with Teramind

We, at Hostcomm, are really happy to announce our partnership with Teramind, one of the leading providers of employee monitoring and risk detection software to better protect data, know employees and improve productivity. 

As a provider of customer engagement solutions for contact centres, we are always looking for complementary solutions that can help our customers improve employee productivity and customer service. We started as one of the first providers of hosted contact centre services in the UK, and have recently expanded our portfolio to include voice and chatbot AIremote visual assistance AR, and a partnership with Amazon to enable faster deployment of hosted contact centre services to meet the remote working needs. The decision to resell Terramind was a natural choice given how its services can also help contact centres to be more productive – as well as protect against employee data breaches. 


Real-time Defence and More Productive Employees

 Teramind provides workforce productivity and data protection for your contact centre business through employee monitoring technology. Whether you have a hosted or on-premises solution, and irrespective of where your workforce is located, it provides compelling benefits. In the last few years, new developments have made its importance even more significant. GDPR and the need to keep customer data safe. While, COVID19 has impacted employees’ work habits so that a hybrid home and office model has become the new standard, meaning, with employees working in numerous locations, better employee monitoring is necessary; COVID19 has also caused severe economic downturn leading to businesses to search for any way to do more with fewer resources.  



 Teramind works by monitoring all aspects of your employee activity, wherever it is in operation, including websites, email, file transfer, social, printing, and keystrokes. It does more than just track and monitor employee behaviour but adds predictive analytics - Rather than just flagging after the fact that X employee went to X website, it uses analytics to recognise patterns of behaviour that might indicate fraud possibilities or can provide insights to improve productivity.

Malicious insider activity like data leak and exfiltration, IP theft, fraud, industrial espionage, and sabotage is an ongoing serious problem for most businesses. Without predictive analytics, data may get stolen first and the company then has the much harder task of trying to get it back and limit potentially considerable damage. Now, with the features present in Teramind, they have the power to pre-empt. 

It is also a force for improving productivity. By analysing employee behaviour through keystrokes and the number of emails sent, among others, businesses can understand which when, and which, employees are most productive. For example, by using this kind of solution, Microsoft discovered that its employees were most productive in the early morning and therefore told them to conduct their meetings at that time.


Below are some examples of its additional features and how they can benefit your business: 

Data loss protection – Teramind allows you to protect against data breaches and exfiltration attempts more effectively by using its intelligent behaviour analytics to identify human factors like malicious intent, errors or accidents. Also, its advanced OCR, and natural language processing technology is designed to detect important data inside applications, videos and images to prevent steganographic exfiltration.  

Remote employee – Teramind helps all businesses with data protection and employee productivity but, in situations where you have employees working remote, the need to do so is more acute and challenging. Its remote monitoring enables you to track time and engagement, manage projects, reduce expenses and ensure the overall productivity of a remote team. While its Rules Engine allows you to better defend your organization from theft, sabotage and other threats either intentional or accidental.

Vendor management – To manage third-party vendors, Teramind has support for remote user monitoring, virtualization services, and controls to ensure access is only granted to systems needed, decreasing the chances of accidental mistakes that can damage system settings. 

Compliance management - Teramind’s compliance management features help you conform to compliance regulations including GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001.

Privileged User Monitoring – Your admin, or privileged users, have unprecedented access to your company’s sensitive data, and their account information is the first choice of hackers looking to break into systems. To counter this, and better protect your organization, Teramind builds in privileged user monitoring, identity verification and privileged access management.

Automated behaviour rules – Like CRM behaviour rules, these rules make it possible for companies to block specific activities based on a large set of criteria including department and individual user. 

Dashboards – Easily see all your data and get enterprise-wide oversight of your KPIs for productivity, security and performance on one dashboard.

Process improvement – Track schedules, projects, employee engagement rates to make continuous improvement of your organisational workflows and boost productivity.

Intelligent session mining – Teramind enhances security and threat detection through its Intelligent Session Mining of video and audio recordings, metadata alerts and keylogging, among others. It also has built-in integration with security information and event management analytics systems. 


Hostcomm Advantage

Hostcomm has more than 15 years’ proven expertise in customer engagement solutions for contact centres. We leverage that experience to ensure that Teramind’s deployment is smooth, fast, frictionless and optimizes integration with your contact centre solution to deliver impactful ROI. 

Please contact sales to find out more about how Teramind’s employee monitoring solution can better protect your organisation against fraud and data breaches and improve employee productivity.


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