Hostcomm Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

Leverages Google Cloud to Enable Call Centres to Automate Call Handling Through Natural Language, Conversational AI Experiences

[Exeter, UK], [October 4th, 2020] — Hostcomm, a provider of hosted digital and AI customer engagement transformation solutions for contact centres, today announced that it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as a Build Partner. Hostcomm offers a voicebot solution that integrates its own Voice Gateway and Google Cloud Speech-to-Text, Text-to-Speech and DialogFlow to give customers the ability to automate both inbound and outbound telephony channel customer service and sales campaigns.

Hostcomm’s solution is designed to enable customers to improve their customer service, outbound sales and contact centre operational efficiency with AI voice and chat functionality. Building on Google Cloud’s natural language and speech capabilities businesses are able to engage their customers with natural conversations powered by AI. In doing so, businesses gain a number of benefits not possible with only live agents or traditional IVR technology, including the ability to offer their customers instant, personalised 24/7 service without increasing costs; freeing up their live agents’ time to focus on high value or more complicated cases; and, the ability to respond more easily to fluctuating levels of demand.

“AI and natural language technology for customer engagement are essential to help drive productivity and customer satisfaction gains in the contact centre,” said Chris Key, Director of Hostcomm. “While working on providing this transformation for our customers, we chose Google Cloud as it is the most widely used solution for creating natural and rich conversational experiences. We are therefore really happy to announce we are now a Google Cloud Partner.”

While including text and voice functionality and offering multi-channel web support, Hostcomm’s voicebot solution includes its own Voice Gateway to connect traditional telephony directly to Google Cloud. Telephony is still a preferred choice of many customers, and Hostcomm’s solutions enables businesses to offer easy conversational AI voice to customers who prefer that channel.

Hostcomm’s solution includes the following other features to help contact centres:

Outbound Dialling – A Dialogflow-powered voicebot is an excellent tool to pre-qualify customers on an outbound sales campaign, saving your business resources, money and time. Hostcomm’s voicebot comes with hosted dialler integration, essential to enable your voicebot to take part in outbound campaigns.

Contact Centre Software Integration – Database integration, webhooks, call recording, analytics, SMS, email, and live agent handover are all implemented to enable your voicebot to operate as part of a customer service team rather than in a silo.

Interaction Analytics – The ability to analyse 100% of customer interactions and then put into place real-time monitoring and intervention is essential if you want to continually improve customer experience (CX) in your contact centre. Hostcomm’s Interaction Analytics makes this possible for both your live agent and all your AI voice and chat conversations.

APIs - Our APIs enable your virtual agent to be integrated with any channel and your office software systems, ensuring you have synced data and omni-channel customer journey context.

About Hostcomm

Hostcomm helps organisations transform their customer service, outbound sales campaigns, data security and internal employee interaction. Our solutions include cloud contact centre, remote visual assistance, live chat, AI voice and chat and PCI-DSS certified payments. Hostcomm develops most of its software in-house and combines it with award-winning third-party products to provide maximum performance for a modest investment. We are able to offer packages of features, service, support, reliability and pricing unmatched in the industry.

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