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3 Reasons Why Your Support Centre Needs Omni-Channel

In our previous feature ‘What is Omni-Channel?’, we provided an overview of the origins, meaning, purpose and applications of omni-channel solutions. One of the main points of the feature was that as consumer expectations evolve, omni-channel call centres, particularly cloud-based systems, are revolutionising the way businesses provide customer service and support.  

Organisations may need to determine what mix of live, assisted and self-service solutions work for their business and customers. However, one thing is clear: audiences want options when it comes to how they interact with support centres. Various reports demonstrate how omni-channel support centre features are one of the significant factors in shaping a positive customer perception of a business’ support service capabilities. For example, in a 2016 Global Contact Centre report, 40% of respondents said that omni-channel strategies were vital in determining if a business were efficient in handling their cases. 

So, if you’re looking to improve your support centres with omni-channel cloud solutions, what kind of benefits can you expect from implementing this type of system? 

An Agile Call Centre System For Your Support Centre

Customer uses VR for support.

Business is all about having your finger on the pulse, so why are there so many organisations still using outdated support centre call systems? 

Of course, staying ahead of the new technological developments is no easy feat, but it is essential to ensure your business meets the expectations of consumers and fighting against competitors. 

When you stay ahead of the curve, it means your practices are agile enough to develop as your customers do. Omni-channel contact centres allow you to incorporate new customer channels as they become mainstream while also allowing for consistency and data-sharing amongst them. As more and more support options become available, from web chat to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), it’s only a matter of time before industry-standards become outdated in favour of new, emerging channels like wearable and VR gadgets rumoured to edge into the market. With an omni-channel cloud support centre, you’ll be ready for when the time comes! 

Seamless Customer Experience For Your Support Centre

Customer uses live chat for support.

For many companies, the idea of migrating to a new system can feel like a scary move, especially if the way you’ve been running the support centre has been ticking along just fine on its own. 

The value of omni-channel solutions, however, isn’t all about having an up-to-date system, it’s about elevating the business-customer relationship to the next level by providing a seamless customer experience through the multiple channels. Omni-channel cloud solutions provide customers with quicker resolutions and a feeling of importance by allowing them to interact with you in a way that caters to their preferences, even when they may want to go via various platforms. While utilising the reporting and analytics feature of our omni-channel cloud centre means you can find out more about the customers’ journey, directing them to quicker response channels to improve the efficiency of the solution. 

Omni-channel solutions also cater to the expectations of your customers. While they may be okay with contacting your support centre by phone, it certainly isn’t their favourite way to receive assistance. In a survey by ICMI in 2016, 53% of clients picked live chat over phone service. If your products and services are a good fit for live chat services and you are not using it, you could be disappointing a host of existing and potential customers. 

Rich Data Collection and Insight For Your Call Centre System

Businessman reviews the data collected via support centre system.

An omni-channel solution ensures each point of your support centre can access the rich data on customers which is utilised to provide a truly personalised experience. The system helps agents or systems alike to understand customer’s communication preferences, as well as their dealings with the company. The data collated includes all relevant purchasing history and contact details which helps to not only solve queries and fix problems, but also provide an opportunity to upsell. 

The content collected by omni-channel features such as chat, forums and social media leave traces that can be analysed for insights that can develop your customer service, products, services and marketing. The data gathered can also help to shape more efficient customer support that improves satisfaction rates, encouraging better reviews from your customers. 

If you think an omni-channel support centre could raise the level of your support service, take a look at our options here at Hostcomm. Our solutions utilise the latest in customer service technology, with chatbot and WebRTC features that not only meet customer expectations but exceed them. Integrating multiple channels into one consistent interface, we help your business stand out against your many competitors on the marketplace, all of which is assisted by the monitoring and reporting application that allows you to garner insights to develop your customer support further.  

Our omni-channel cloud centre solution is second to none, offering your business an efficient service that reduces operational costs and streamlines your support centre. For more information, get in touch with us today to discover how we can future-proof your support centre. 

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