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5 Reasons Why a Cloud Dialler is Worth Using

Running an efficient call centre can sometimes feel like a huge task. With so many different aspects involved, making sure agents time is being used as effectively as possible is of paramount importance. While training and experienced staff can help with this, making sure you utilise the right technology can go a long way to ensuring your call centre reaches its potential.

One of the best technologies when it comes to call centre efficiency is cloud diallers. Otherwise known as a hosted dialler, these simply move the dialling process into the cloud. While it sounds straightforward, the opportunities it can open up for a contact centre are plentiful. Here, we highlight some of the key reasons why you should be adopting a cloud dialler into your processes.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Setting up an internal dialling system can be an expensive task. The software has to be purchased, along with any technical equipment required to keep it running smoothly. As a result, creating an internal system can become quite expensive, both at the beginning and throughout its lifespan.

A cloud dialler can deliver an excellent service with considerably fewer costs when compared to a similar internal system. This is because you only pay for access to a system set-up and maintained by an established provider. With fewer expenses to start and, in most cases, no need to pay for maintenance and upgrades, cloud diallers can be a great cost-effective option.

Simple Setup

Another advantage of a cloud-based dialler is that it is much simpler to set up than an internal system. While internal software may need to be put onto every device, cloud-based options often only need an internet connection to begin performing. Again, this advantage makes hosted solutions a considerably more favourable option than their internal counterparts.

Adaptable and Scalable

Like the setup point above, by being predominantly online, hosted solutions offer incredible adaptability. If equipment needs to be replaced or upgraded, such as a headset, phone or computer, this can be done without worrying about its impact on the dialling system.

Another important reason why businesses choose cloud diallers is its ability to be scaled. Hosted dialler solutions like that offered at Hostcomm will allow you to add agents to the system with ease as your business grows. Again, this makes hosted diallers a very cost-effective option.

Faster Updates

The technology involved in dialling systems is continuously improving, and each update can provide yet more benefits for businesses. While an internal network may be up to date at the time of installation, it will need further updates throughout its lifespan. These updates can be challenging to install across an internal platform, which can cause some systems to fall behind on the latest developments.

On the other hand, a cloud-based system will be working to ensure the dialler you are using is as modern as possible. With a hosted dialler, updates are quicker and more straightforward to action, ensuring that your business is operating to its maximum efficiency as often as possible.

High Security

Keeping customer information protected is vital for all businesses. One of the reasons a company may choose to use an internal dialling system is the idea that it gives you more control over data. However, even internal systems can be left vulnerable to breaches if they don’t use the most up-to-date and secure systems available.

Hostcomm’s cloud-based diallers are protected by the latest and most reliable data protection. Our network is covered by PCI-DSS level security, which ensures your customer’s details are protected to the best industry standards.

These are just some of the main reasons why call centres are choosing to implement cloud-based diallers into their systems. Here at Hostcomm, our hosted predictive dialler can help your call centre to optimise its performance and increase revenues. If you would like to know more about how our secure, reliable services could work for your company, why not contact us today or request a free demo? Alternatively, read our blog on finding a hosted dialler provider you can trust.

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