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Why There’s Still Room for Innovation in Predictive Diallers

As standard, a predictive dialler isn’t all that innovative. Over the past thirty years, the technology has matured to become dependable, cost-effective, and rarely very surprising. However, that doesn’t mean that every type of innovation has come to an end.

Instead, the predictive dialler space has become increasingly diverse and distributed. The calling part may no longer be a game-changing disruption, but some providers still strive to innovate in ways that will impact your campaigns – and lead to better results.

Read on to find out about the three key areas for predictive dialler innovation in 2018 and beyond.

Innovation in dialler deployment

It’s the same for almost every area of technology: providers are innovating in terms of how systems are delivered, not the systems themselves. In call centres, there’s been a dramatic shift to hosted predictive diallers and cloud infrastructure.

This is the result of several factors. First, increased pressure on margins and a difficult economic landscape has led to more businesses searching for ways to reduce costs. Second, the growing complexity of compliance means that people want to outsource their risk to a trusted, experienced third-party. Finally, flexibility and scalability have both become key to survival for small and big businesses alike.

A hosted dialler offers all the same functionality as an in-house, on-premise dialler, without the capital expense, time-consuming management, and inability to grow.

Innovation in infrastructure

Beneath every in-house or cloud-based dialler, there’s a complicated web of technology to keep things up-and-running. This ranges from network infrastructure to servers and the appropriate software, as well as security devices like firewalls.

Infrastructure and the underlying ‘back-end’ remains a fast-changing opportunity for hosted dialler providers to innovate. Intelligently designing an infrastructure to use the latest, fastest servers ensures a better standard of service to agents and customers alike. Meanwhile, the ever-changing nature of cybercrime means that protection and detection technologies must be in a perpetual cycle of improvement.

The right service provider is always looking for innovative new ways to improve the backend, guaranteeing maximum uptime, greater reliability, and robust data security.

Innovation in user experience

Today, usability, convenience and automation are key areas of innovation across IT. Even if underlying predictive dialler technology remains the same, the way people interact with a dialler can always be improved and refined.

Most providers are constantly assessing their user interface, looking for new opportunities to make the experience easier and more intuitive. With the right interface, a dialler doesn’t just allow agents to handle more calls per hour – it helps them to work faster between calls, too. Everything from making notes in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to dispositioning should be as simple and streamlined as possible.

In addition, there’s always room for innovation in the way management information is used and accessed. As well as automated report distribution, an innovative hosted dialler will allow for real-time analysis and integration into your wider workflow – so that every system can benefit from dialler data.

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