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Why Support is the Cornerstone of Any Contact Centre Solution

A contact centre solution can be packed with the latest features, offer powerful technology, and unlock exciting new ways for your agents to work. However, there’s one element of your solution that is absolutely critical to success.

Unless you’ve invested in costly, in-depth technical expertise and retained your entire system in-house, introducing a new inbound contact centre solution (or hosted dialler) is entering into a partnership of trust with your service provider. Their ability and willingness to provide high-quality support is the difference between struggling to even use your solution and getting the very best from it.

Read on to find out why support is so fundamental - and what effective support should look like.

Support keeps you up-and-running

While the right service will be reliable, stable and well-managed, the reality is that your service provider is your first line of help when something goes wrong. If your contact centre solution starts to perform badly or, worse, goes completely offline, you’ll need a fast response to minimise the damage to your operations, bank balance and reputation with customers.

When time is of the essence, the right support comes from an always-available helpline. Ideally, look for support that comes from a technical team, with clear agreements for response times and how issues can be escalated.

Support maximises your return on investment

When you implement a new contact centre solution, you’ll naturally want to see an increase in performance, productivity, campaign success, and customer experience. However, without the right support from your service provider, this can be impossible to achieve.

Even with a rigorous service level agreement (SLA) that defines the support you can expect in an emergency, what if you need more routine help with a smaller, less urgent issue? If your service provider limits the amount of support you can get, there’s less opportunity to explore new ways to improve performance. Meanwhile, an unlimited support agreement helps you get the advice you need, when you need it, helping you achieve the best value.

Support removes frustrating surprises

Finally, effective contact centre support isn’t just there when you need answers to a question. The best support is always working in the background to anticipate issues and eliminate any unexpected service interruption or downtime.

At Hostcomm, we provide 24x7 remote monitoring, combining automation with manual checks to make sure your contact centre solution is performing at its best. As a result, we can get ahead of small issues before they escalate, often resolving them before they have any impact on service.

So you can depend on the technology that makes your contact centre work - and keep your attention and energy focused on delivering incredible service and driving campaign performance.

Find out more about Hostcomm’s support services.


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