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Why Inbound Contact Centre Customer Experience Isn’t Just About Agents

At the frontlines of every interaction we have with our customers, it’s no surprise we expect the best from our agents. But achieving the very best customer experience takes a great deal more than friendly, easy to talk to agents.

Your inbound contact centre solution that can support your agents in numerous ways. From useful information drawn from your customer relationship management (CRM) system to call scripting, your technology can keep your people on track.

However, with the right technology and the right configuration, your systems can be delivering incredible customer service in ways that don’t involve your agents at all.

Getting customers to the best experience

Imagine a customer is calling with a complaint or question that requires specialist know-how. You may have agents who are impeccably trained, well-informed, and ready to deliver a smooth, seamless experience. However, it can be a challenge to get customers to those agents quickly and efficiently.

One approach is to use an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to assess inbound calls and predict the kind of expertise that customers will require. Then, you can use intelligent call routing in your contact centre solution to prioritise agents based on skill in this area.

As a result, customers get to the best agent available – and you can start delighting them with great service sooner.

Respect your customers’ time

When you’re faced with a seemingly endless queue that’s only getting longer, it can be hard to remember the people on the other end of the line. However, simply demonstrating that you understand your customers are busy people can get every conversation off to the best start.

Your inbound contact centre solution can help with:

  • Automation so you can schedule callbacks and make sure they happen on time, every time
  • Queue callbacks, so inbound callers can exit the queue and receive a call from an agent when one becomes available

These are crucial ways to improve customer experience and, at the same time, they dramatically reduce the workload and pressure for your busy agents, helping them to perform at their best.

Creating new lines of communication

For an industry where communication is at the heart of everything, many contact centres exclusively focus on handling inbound calls, not pushing further to embrace ongoing two-way dialogue with customers.

In part, becoming truly communicative is about making your organisation more available. This can be achieved through a multi-channel contact centre solution that supports voice, web chat, email, social media, and more. Offering a wide suite of channels shows your customers that you are listening and ready to respond whenever – and however – they want to get in touch.

Another practical approach is to search for opportunities to gather feedback from your customers. A Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) application lets you create telephone and web-based surveys to improve your understanding of the experience you provide and how it can be improved.

Managing the experience by managing your agents

Finally, the experience delivered by all your inbound contact centre technology and every one of your agents depends on one thing: you and your contact centre management team.

Transforming customer experience starts with informed decisions and a strategic approach. Without the right guidance, training, and opportunities to improve, your agents will struggle to provide the experience your customers deserve.

Again, your technology can help. The right contact centre solution will include detailed, highly-customisable reports on everything from average queue lengths to agent downtime, as well as easily retrieved call recordings.

Using this intelligence, you can make sure every agent is supported as they learn, grow, and improve – not responsible and blamed for poor service, but empowered to deliver the right experience every time.

Find out how our inbound contact centre solution can improve customer experience.


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