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Recruiting the Best Agents to your Inbound Contact Centre

Every contact centre manager knows that people are the secret to success. The talent, commitment, and enthusiasm of your agents is the difference between poor customer service and an experience that delights with every call you receive.

However, in an increasingly competitive landscape, attracting and retaining the best people is a challenge that every business is facing – not just inbound contact centres, but across all industries. Technology means that the days of lifelong careers have given way to new demands for flexibility and mobility.

But just as technology has changed what the best agents expect in their roles, it also enables you to deliver on their needs in new, exciting ways.

The best agents want flexibility

According to The Independent, three quarters of the UK workforce would choose a new job for its flexibility above everything else – even the pay. People increasingly understand it’s what they do, not where they do it, that really matters.

The right inbound contact centre solution can help you offer flexible ways of working and a better work/life balance to potential agents. It’s not just a case of choosing the right routing method for your calls, but also being willing to route to remote locations to support a flexible workforce.

In addition, a hosted solution comes with the advantage of an interface that’s accessible from anywhere, so you can be confident your agents are always working to the same standards, wherever they’re located.

The best agents want to be supported

Today’s savvy workforce is acutely aware of the value they bring to the table. The employer-employee relationship has become less prescriptive and more about mutual benefits. As a result, the best talent expects to be supported and empowered by a business that gives them everything they need to succeed.

In part, technology can help by giving your agents the information and control they need to deliver the best possible customer service. Features like screen pop from your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and good quality call scripting demonstrates that, while you expect good performance, you’re playing an active role in making it happen.

At the same time, your inbound contact centre solution can intelligently route certain calls to the agents best-equipped to handle them. Skills-based call routing rates your agents for given types of call, then prioritises them when trying to find an agent. This ensures your agents are usually entering conversations that they’re capable of and comfortable with.

The best agents want purpose

Finally, according to Mercer, the workforce in 2018 is looking for a higher purpose – not just accepting and handling calls, but feeding into something bigger. Technology can help you deliver this by increasing transparency and letting people see how their achievements are measured, recognised, and how they impact your wider performance.

An inbound contact centre solution with high-quality, detailed reporting allows you to see performance on a per-agent basis. With a sophisticated overview, you can make sure that your agents feel appreciated and recognise their impact on your overall campaigns. You could even use your wallboard to display performance data publically, helping agents feel engaged and motivated to work with a shared purpose.

As a result, the agents you recruit don’t feel like they’re dealing with a never-ending queue of calls. They feel part of something bigger – an environment where they’re supported, nurtured, and driven to deliver the results you need.

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