How to Start a VoIP Reseller Business in a Competitive Market

The VoIP sector has been growing at a steady pace for years and now, as more and more businesses move to the cloud, hosted VoIP is in huge demand. However, while that demand is a big opportunity, it also means the landscape is incredibly competitive.

If you’re thinking about starting a VoIP reseller business – or wondering how to give your existing business the edge – it’s crucial to consider the different ways in which you could stand out. Once you understand your competitive positioning, you can make sure you’re targeting the right customers, chasing the right opportunities, and securing the right deals.

Here are just three ways to compete in the busy VoIP market.

1. Compete on your VoIP product

Many, many people are already offering VoIP – but the finer details of their services vary considerably. While some solutions may include advanced features for mobility, call routing and more, others offer inconsistent performance, instability, and poor call quality.

If you’re confident about your VoIP service, you could make it a key selling point and a competitive differentiator. The best way to achieve this is to find a VoIP reseller program from a trusted, proven partner. By assessing existing customers that already use the infrastructure, you’ll get a feel for service quality long before you conduct a trial or decide to become a reseller.

Of course, it’s not always easy to analyse VoIP services with no previous experience or technical knowledge. In the ideal case, your shortlisted partner will be able to guide you through the system and explain why it’s a high-quality choice.

2. Compete on your value-add

In the modern VoIP channel, few people are just looking for a system that works. Today’s businesses expect their service providers to add value at every stage, going further to forge a good relationship.

Typical ways to add value to your VoIP service include:

  • Offering technical support and advice (either directly or via your service provider)
  • Bundling VoIP with your other services
  • Taking a proactive stance to advise customers on making the most of their technology

The right partner will help you achieve this through a combination of hands-on support and knowledge sharing. In the early days, you can leverage your service provider’s know-how to help you stand out from the competition. However, as time passes, you’ll naturally build your own expertise to take even more control of the relationship – and add more value independently.

3. Compete on VoIP service price

While there are numerous ways to find the competitive edge in the VoIP market, there’s sometimes no avoiding the issue of price. One of the most well-established ways to find your own space in the market, offering lower costs than your competitors remains an incredibly compelling approach.

However, being able to compete on price depends on two things. First, you’ll need a service provider that allows you to take full control over pricing, setting your own fees and managing your own billing. Meanwhile, if wholesale costs are high, tight margins may leave you unable to bring your customer-facing prices down.

Choose a VoIP reseller programme that gives you the control you need to compete.
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