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How to Integrate a Hosted Dialler into your Existing IT

From storage to security, most businesses are beginning to move their technology into the cloud and take advantage of a hosted solutions’ flexibility and convenience. However, according to a report from Call Centre Helper, 18.6% of contact centres say ‘perceived trouble integration with existing systems’ is their biggest concern about moving to a hosted predictive dialler.

A hosted dialler offers businesses some unique advantages over on-premise equipment – not just a reduced capital expense, but also ease of remote access, a lower management overhead, and endless scalability.

But how can you move to the cloud with confidence and make the most of those opportunities? What can you do to make sure your dialler integrates with the rest of your IT? And how can the right service provider help?

Can your infrastructure support your hosted dialler?

Using a hosted dialler goes hand-in-hand with using hosted VoIP for your calls. With this in mind, a lack of bandwidth on your broadband is an understandable cause for concern.

However, with VoIP now in its maturity and business broadband always improving, what was once a serious challenge is now a non-issue for many businesses.

In addition, your network configuration may need to be optimised for the smooth flow of traffic from your agents, out to your hosted dialler, and ultimately to the people you are calling. Inefficient network design, restrictive security, and many factors will all have an impact on performance, system stability, and call quality.

Integrating a call dialler with your CRM system

One common challenge is integrating a hosted predictive dialler with important tools like a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. CRM systems are designed to give you constant visibility over every customer interaction and the progress of sales – it’s absolutely essential that your calling activity is tightly linked with this information.

Using an API, your hosted dialler should have the potential for integration into any CRM system you are currently using. In fact, with the right expertise, an integration can unlock new ways of working and do a lot more than simple ‘click to dial’ and ‘screen pop’ functionalities.

A deep integration with your CRM system will include things like workflow automation, where the dispositions of your calls trigger follow-up events. For example, a customer request for more information could trigger the dispatch of an information pack or email campaign.

By speeding up your processes, saving you time, and keeping your agents focused on calling, integration isn’t an obstacle – it’s a real opportunity.

Look for a hosted dialler provider that understands integration

Considering the infrastructure implications of a hosted dialler is a good idea. Looking at the potential value of a CRM system integration is important. But, above all else, a successful integration comes from a service provider that understands its technology inside-out.

If your provider has its own in-house development team, you can be certain that technical expertise will be available whenever you need it. It’s a clear sign of technical capability and, both for your initial implementation and in the future, opens the possibility of a solution that’s highly tailored to your needs.

While you’ll be integrating a hosted dialler into your IT for the first time, your service provider should bring hands-on experience of numerous integrations, giving you a structure and approach that is proven to work. What’s more, the right service provider will be able to help with bespoke integrations, making sure your dialler works seamlessly with every application you use, however niche.

In fact, that’s exactly why moving to hosted services can be such a powerful business decision. The concerns that may be stopping you – from integration to management – become the responsibility of a team that’s done it all before.

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