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How to Design the Flexible Inbound Contact Centre

How to Design the Flexible Inbound Contact Centre

According to teleconferencing firm Powwownow, demand for flexibility in the workplace has never been higher. A huge 67% of employees wish they were offered flexible working – but flexibility isn’t just about where and when you work.

In the contact centre, hosted inbound contact centre solutions make it fairly straightforward to let people work remotely. However, it takes a more all-encompassing approach to maximise flexibility and, in turn, improve performance while delighting your customers.

Read on to learn about the key traits of a flexible contact centre – and how they can help you thrive.

Flexible access to your contact centre solution

For your agents, flexibility is about finding a better work-life balance and the priority being the work they do – not necessarily where they do it. While the nature of inbound calls means that agents need to be available at specific times of the day, your technology can support increased mobility and remote working.

With a hosted contact centre solution, the technology that routes calls and makes connections to your customers isn’t restricted to a single location. Existing on a server, it’s accessible from anywhere in the world – in some cases, even on smartphones and tablets.

As you design your contact centre for flexibility, be sure to take advantage of this valuable functionality. Hosted services don’t just reduce your capital costs – they unlock valuable new ways of working.

Flexible methods of communication

For your customers, flexibility is now a fundamental component of a good, productive experience. We live in an increasingly multi-channel world, where a single phone number for support and service just isn’t enough to meet expectations.

Today’s most successful inbound contact centres support a wide range of channels including:

  • Voice
  • SMS
  • Webchat
  • Conference calls
  • Video
  • Email
  • Social media

However, it is crucial that every one of these channels is seamlessly integrated into your wider solution. True flexibility isn’t just giving people a range of channels to choose from, but allowing them to transition smoothly from one to another as their needs change. The right technology gives you multi-channel communications in one platform with just one queue, giving your customers and agents a frustration-free experience.

The flexibility to grow and evolve over time

Finally, true flexibility is never static. While you can design your inbound contact centre for flexibility today, the most effective routing, technology and infrastructure will continue to change.

A hosted contact centre solution gives you the advantage of robust, reliable technology without commitment or the inflexibility of physical equipment. If demand grows or shrinks, you can simply grow or shrink your solution to match. If new technology enters the market, there’s no need to overhaul your entire infrastructure.

With a hosted solution, it’s not just your agents, working methods, and communication channels that are flexible. It’s your entire contact centre.

We’ll help you unlock flexibility with hosted contact centre solution.

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