How To Create a Culture of Compliant Contact Centre Prospecting

Every outbound contact centre wants to behave ethically, meet compliance standards like GDPR, and respect the privacy of the people they call. However, it takes more than good intentions to truly embed a culture of ethical behaviour in your contact centre.

From your agents to your hosted dialler, safeguarding privacy takes an all-encompassing approach, some careful consideration, and a thought-out strategy. It can be a complicated, time-consuming process – but our latest eBook can help.

In Data Matters: Embedding Compliant Behaviour in your Contact Centre, you can get a practical, actionable guide to the four pillars of ethical behaviour.

Download your free copy now, or read on for three quick tips on getting started.

3 ways to start embedding compliant, ethical behaviour

In our eBook, you’ll get a complete to-do list for embedding compliance. However, there are three obvious areas you can start working on right away.

1. Capture more data and run more appropriate reports

When you’re running an outbound campaign, it’s easy to get caught up in metrics like sales and conversions. After all, they will ultimately inform whether this individual campaign is a success.

However, these statistics will not tell you how ethically you are behaving as an organisation. Instead, consider customer feedback surveys and metrics like abandoned and dropped call rates.

2. Incentivise good service and compliant behaviour

Similarly, relentless targeting around sales alone sends a confusing message to your agents when you are also asking them to put customer service and ethics first.

Ideas for incentivising ethics include:

  • Rewarding agents for positive customer feedback
  • A ‘call of the month’ system, using call recordings to find agents that are delivering incredible service
  • More balanced overall targets, using both sales performance and service levels together

3. Bring your agents into the process

While you can start initiatives to change behaviour across your contact centre, the reality is that you can never force change in your people. Ultimately, your agents are in complete control – and embedding compliant behaviour means getting them on-board with the process.

You can achieve this in numerous ways, from informal discussions to workshops, group brainstorming, and rewarding great ideas about making your processes more ethical.

Get your free compliant outbound calling eBook

In Data Matters: Embedding Compliant Behaviour in your Contact Centre, you can see what it takes to meet best practice in a post-GDPR world and why compliant processes fall down if your people are not fully-engaged.

The guide covers the four most crucial pillars of compliant calling, with useful do and don’t points that you can put into practice today. You’ll also learn how technology like your hosted dialler can be tailored to support a culture of privacy, from configuration to scripting.

Learn how to make your contact centre compliant.

Download your free eBook now.

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