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3 Ways True Resilience Goes Beyond Hosted Dialler Technology

For call centres of all sizes, hosted dialler technology promises a reliable, resilient experience by design. In recent years, more and more businesses have switched away from hard-to-manage in-house diallers to a subscription-based model with the goal of reducing costs while improving performance.

However, it’s not always that easy. While a hosted predictive dialler can be more resilient, it takes more than simply installing, configuring, or connecting to the right platform.

Read on to learn why technology itself is just the start and the three essentials you’ll need to unlock your dialler’s true potential.

1. An underlying infrastructure tailored to diallers

While one of the big advantages of a hosted dialler is the lack of on-site hardware, all that equipment still exists. The difference is that ensuring your dialler is always up-and-running at peak performance is in the hands of your service provider.

Whether you’re making or receiving calls, the network that underpins your call dialler needs some very specific traits. For clear digital audio to be transmitted back and forth in real time, bandwidth and transfer speed are crucial.

In addition, your service provider needs to design its network to keep you online at all times.

That means:

  • Building redundancy into every component with automatic failover

  • Using multiple datacentres in distinct geographic locations

  • Choosing quality datacentres with effective 24-hour monitoring and security

Even the best hosted dialler technology will underperform if it’s not supported by a robust network and fault tolerance.

2. Technical expertise and ongoing management

Even with the best technology in dependable datacentres, faults and technical issues are sometimes unavoidable. That’s why the next step in achieving dialler resilience is all about the expertise, insight, and technical know-how you have access to.

Ideally, your service provider will offer diverse expertise in hosted diallers, IP telephony, and network infrastructure – without the need for third-party assistance. If your provider owns and maintains its own technology day-to-day, you can be confident you’ll get a fast response whenever issues arise.

You should also expect your hosted dialler provider to commit to ongoing management and monitoring. Backed by Service Level Agreements (SLAs), this ensures that a capable team is always working to maintain the resilience of your technology, so you can stay focused on your calls and campaigns.

3. A proactive partner on your side

Finally, while your hosted predictive dialler needs to be resilient to faults, technical issues and hardware failures, it also needs to be resilient to change that comes from inside your business. As you grow, pivot, or make changes to how you work, your technology and your service provider need to keep up.

The best partners achieve this by taking the time to get to know you and your business intimately. When a service provider understands your environment, your goals, and your challenges, they can be a valuable source of advice on how to make sure your dialler can be reconfigured to suit you.

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