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Seven Benefits of Advanced Call Routing

In this article, we'll take you through some of the main features and benefits of advanced call routing.

What is advanced call routing?

Advanced Call Routing (ACR) is the process of routing incoming calls to the most appropriate agent who can then respond to the caller’s requirements most effectively. This is achieved using a series of preset rules. These rules will distribute the calls in different ways depending on the needs of the business, available staff and their level of knowledge and competence. 

These rules can include: skill-based call routing, “Longest Wait Time / Oldest Call Finish” and call priority. In addition, it can be integrated with, for example, IVRs, which provide options for the customer to self-serve and helps them to get to the most appropriate agent or department or quickly.

Advanced Call Routing is a powerful but frequently underused capability. However, building this into your call centre strategy can reap huge benefits for customers, agents and the bottom line of your business.  

The 7 Benefits of Advanced Call Routing

1. Effective and consistent processes

A contact centre with Advanced Call Routing improves the productivity and efficiency of its agents. Based on pre-defined algorithms, calls are transferred to the most suitable agent. As a result, call transfer time is reduced. And by capturing the caller’s details like phone number and area code, together with the use of IVR system configurations and agent availability, it routes the call in the most efficient way.

2. Faster Responses

By allowing faster responses to incoming calls, response and call handling times are reduced, thereby improving customer satisfaction. And for periods of high call volume, callers can opt for a callback option instead of waiting in the queue. VIP callers are routed to assigned agents with the minimum of delay.

3. Multi-channel Operating Environment

Integrating your call centre with a CRM and other communication platforms such as social media and live chat gives customers the option to communicate with agents in a way that suits them best. Not only does this result in a better outcome, but the whole team can view previous communications and customer history on a single interface. And, with features like call conferencing and easy transfer, agents are more efficient and effective.

4. Raise Agent Productivity

With the help of Advanced Call Routing, agents will be allocated those calls for which they have been trained. And because they have the expertise and the required subject knowledge, this will increase their call confidence and will also improve their productivity. Because they already have access to the caller’s information before answering the call, they can engage in meaningful discussion that leads to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

5. Reduce your call centre costs

By responding more quickly to a call and transferring it to the most suitable agent or department, your business will improve the chances of resolving the customer’s enquiry on the first call. Because the customer can get the query resolved without being transferred several times, you reduce the number of interactions, keeping customers happier and reducing your costs.

6. Better people resource management

Because Advanced Call Routing is more effective, agents can use their skills to resolve specific customer problems competently and confidently. And with systems to acquire usage data, such as total number of calls, time spent on each call, waiting time etc, which is used for reporting purposes, managers can assess KPIs and make better resource decisions.

7. Improved Customer Satisfaction

Throughout this article, customer satisfaction has been an element that underpins many of the benefits of advanced call routing. Routing callers to an agent who's best suited to handle the query, is what customers need today. They dislike it when their call is transferred to other agents, especially as they'll often have to repeat their details and their issue. 

By ensuring the customer speaks to the right agent first time, they experience much higher satisfaction. And callback options reduce their inconvenience of waiting in the queue. For those that chose to wait, automated messages with estimated wait times and agent availability reduce customer frustration and give them the information to decide whether to continue waiting or not.

And through delivering highly responsive customer service, routing each contact to the right queue and agent resource, creates better business outcomes.

Call Routing Options

  1. “Longest Wait Time / Oldest Call Finish”: This is probably the most common call routing parameter, where the call is prioritised based on how long the caller has been waiting
  2. Agent Ranking: The inbound call is routed to a specific agent or department based on a scoring system that takes into account agent skills, knowledge or effectiveness. The call is then routed to the next available agent with the best rank
  3. Lead ranking: This prioritises calls that are ranked higher based on specific criteria such as location, level of spend, purchase history etc. Priority leads are then routed to the next available agent, otherwise they're placed first in the waiting queue
  4. CRM Integration: Advanced Call Routing with CRM integration allows agents to view the customer’s information such as past communications history, before they answer the call. This leads to a more meaningful dialogue with the customer and improves both sales potential and customer experience
  5. Connect Remote Locations: ACR can route calls to agents in different or remote locations. As a result, all the agents working in different locations can operate as a single team
  6. Customer Call-Backs: ACR allows callers to choose if they want to be called back rather than wait in a queue. As soon as an agent is available, they call back immediately
  7. Agent training using Call Monitoring: This allows call centre managers to use the features of call monitoring, whispering and call barging. They can then ensure that high levels of customer service are maintained, while training agents quickly

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