In VoIP Reselling, As In Life, A Reliable Partner Matters

Becoming a VoIP reseller promises a convenient, potentially lucrative way to take advantage of growing demand for VoIP. However, resellers are dependant on the expertise, technical capability, and offerings of a service provider.

For many VoIP resellers, it can be hard to choose a VoIP service provider. Comparing product details, partner programme terms and support is often not enough to assess a relationship in-depth.

However, many of us know what makes a good partnership instinctively. When we’re out in the real world, we get the measure of a potential friend or partner in moments. If you’re comparing different service providers, you can put those same instincts to good use, searching for the same traits you would look for elsewhere in your life.

Relationships thrive on excellent communication

The foundation of any good relationship is communication. Experiences, knowledge and frustrations must be shared with a spirit of transparency and honesty.

As a VoIP Reseller, your partner should be highly communicative from the outset. This is a trait that touches on every aspect of your relationship, from explaining technical issues to offering expertise you can learn from in your own business.

With the help of a communicative partner, you’ll be able to learn about VoIP over time, growing your in-house VoIP knowledge and, in turn, maximising the support and service you can offer to your customers.

Partners should recognise their mutual dependency

Your relationship with a VoIP service provider should recognise the fact that you play a vital role in each others’ success. Your ability to sell VoIP services brings in revenue for your service provider, while your service provider’s technology gives you a compelling solution for your customers.

Typically, it’s a mutual dependency you’ll see recognised with good margins that ensure you’re suitably rewarded for your hard work. However, the best VoIP partners go further to enable and empower your success in areas like:

  • Sales and marketing training
  • Flexible billing and pricing options
  • Opportunities for white-labelling so you can retain more control over your customer relationships

In essence, your partner should recognise the value you bring to the partnership at every stage.

The best partners are supportive and always-available

When things are tough, support is a vital component of any healthy relationship. But even if your partner is capable of giving you the support you need, it’s no use if they are unavailable when you need them.

The right service provider should give you direct access to a range of support, including a channel manager that understands your business and technical support that is responsive and works to strict service level agreements. With these things in place, you’ll get complete peace of mind that the support you need is available whenever you need it.

Shared goals lead to shared success

Finally, it’s important that you and your partner are both working towards the same targets and goals. If there is no alignment in a partnership, everything else falls apart.

At Hostcomm, we’re focused on sophisticated, easy to use VoIP and contact centre services. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and we pride ourselves on strong relationships and exceptional customer service.

With an account manager and consistent points of contact, we’re also able to get to know your business in-depth. As a result, we can align our ways of working to suit your goals – from delivering tailored support to helping you choose the right VoIP reseller plan for you.

Find out more about the Hostcomm Reseller Programme.

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