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How VoIP Helps You Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

When you’re growing a business, the quality of your customer service can be the difference between success and failure. However, with the right technology, it’s possible for even the smallest businesses to deliver a personal, always-available level of service.

Compared to traditional telephone lines, hosted telephony is faster, easier to use and more cost-effective. For small businesses, though, one of the most compelling benefits of VoIP is flexibility, from how calls can be routed to convenient scaling over time.

For estate and lettings agent Rutter Green, it’s flexibility that played a key part in helping the company grow.

Using VoIP’s flexibility to stay contactable at all times

A family-owned business, Rutter Green’s market positioning is entirely focused on a personal level of customer service. As a result, it’s essential that potential and existing customers can always reach a member of the team during business hours.

With traditional fixed phone lines, calls would be directed to office handsets – but with a small team responsible for everything from viewings to creating floor plans, there wouldn’t always be someone available in the office to receive the call.

One option would be to offer mobile numbers as well as office numbers. However, with high levels of competition, opportunities could be lost to other agents who were easier to reach.

Hostcomm’s hosted VoIP service provided Rutter Green with much-needed flexibility and a way to stay in contact at all times. The branch manager could simply log into the intuitive Hostcomm portal to change where incoming calls were sent, switching instantly between office lines and mobiles.

With this ability to divert calls, the team could confidently leave the office unmanned while on viewings – with confidence that they wouldn’t miss a single new opportunity.

Learn how Hostcomm helped Rutter Green

While diverting calls became an essential part of Rutter Green’s VoIP service, the company’s relationship with Hostcomm also gave the team a constant source of support, guidance and hands-on assistance.

In the complete Rutter Green case study, you’ll find out:

  • How a Hostcomm Account Manager demystified VoIP and helped Rutter Green understand its requirements

  • How Hostcomm’s plain-English support made life easier for the team

  • Why Rutter Green would recommend Hostcomm to other small and growing businesses

You’ll even see how, when Rutter Green moved to serviced offices and was forced to stop using Hostcomm, the company’s restrictive new VoIP services were slower and harder to use.

If you’re wondering what the impact of enterprise-level VoIP features could be on your business, it’s an unmissable read.

Read our Rutter Green hosted VoIP case study now.

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