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Five Reasons to Move to Hosted VoIP

While call quality and advanced features make VoIP an obvious improvement over traditional phone lines, businesses are left with a difficult decision – should you run your solution in-house or opt for a hosted alternative?

In many ways, it’s a decision that will depend on your business. Your established IT infrastructure, your number of users, and how distributed you are across multiple offices will inform your ultimate decision. However, hosted VoIP comes with a few advantages that an in-house solution simply can’t match.

Here are the five key reasons businesses are making the switch to hosted VoIP.

Instantly reduce your telephony costs

If you’re running an in-house VoIP platform, there’s no avoiding some big costs. It begins with hardware and changes to your infrastructure but continues with long-term maintenance and the cost of in-house expertise.

With a hosted VoIP solution, none of this is your responsibility – it’s all down to your chosen hosted VoIP provider. Short-term, you can avoid a large capital expense and rapidly depreciating new asset. Long-term, you get everything you need for a simple, predictable cost.

Compared to a traditional phone service, switching to hosted VoIP can save small businesses as much as 45 per cent a month.

Stay contactable with improved flexibility

At its most fundamental level, the whole point of your telephony is to keep your people contactable at all times. It’s no use if you’re held back by a rigid in-house system that’s difficult to change on-the-fly.

Hosted VoIP isn’t tied to physical lines and devices. Instead, you can use a simple portal to make changes whenever you need to.

This could include:

  • Re-routing incoming calls to mobile devices when someone is out of the office

  • Supporting increased remote working and mobility

  • Moving entire office locations quickly and easily

As a result, you can ensure your people are always in reach, improving both internal collaboration and customer service.

Scale your telephony with your business

The right telephony for you depends on the size, scale and practices of your business. But what happens when they change? Even your ideal platform today can become a new burden tomorrow.

Hosted telephony gives you endless scalability. If demand increases and you need to add more lines, it’s a fast, seamless process. Equally, you can shrink your service when those seats are no longer required, eliminating waste.

Keep your data safe and secure

While in-house telephony hardware may appear to give you more control over your data, the reality is that most businesses are vulnerable to a single point of failure. If the hardware in your cupboard is damaged or goes offline, your entire telephony disappears.

A hosted solution often comes with redundancy built in. Your systems are backed up regularly by your service provider so, in the event of a fault, service is seamlessly switched to a backup. It’s an effective way to make sure you’re always up-and-running.

Bring telephony into your digital world

Finally, the right hosted VoIP provider will help you bring your voice communications into the digital age – not just crystal-clear HD calls, but true integration with your wider processes.

This could include advanced features like multi-channel communications, conference calls and unified queuing, as well as optional integration with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

When you choose a hosted solution, you don’t just get more flexible, scalable telephony. You get the advantage of expertise and guidance on making the most of your service.

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