Becoming a VoIP Reseller Isn’t Just for Startups

As the VoIP market continues to grow and more and more businesses look for hosted telephony, becoming a VoIP reseller remains a low-risk way to start a new business. But, if you’re already running a growing firm, VoIP is also an opportunity to get more from every customer.

Becoming a VoIP reseller doesn’t have to mean starting a new business. Instead, add hosted telephony to your existing portfolio to increase customer retention, generate more recurring revenue, and unlock new opportunities.

Here’s why becoming a VoIP reseller isn’t just for startups – and how the right plan will help you supplement the products and services you already offer.

Your customers already want hosted VoIP

With BT planning to shut down the ISDN network and an increasing focus on digital technologies over analogue solutions, VoIP is very much an in-demand product. In certain lines of business, hosted telephony is an obvious addition.

In particular, companies that already make business-to-business sales are excellent candidates. From outsourced IT support firms to cloud service providers, VoIP can be an effective way to extend your positioning as a company that can provide all key services in one place.

Crucially, being ‘one supplier for everything’ can be a very attractive proposition for your customers. Every supplier comes with its own management cost and administrative headache. If you can provide more services from one place, you can make life easier – and costs more affordable – for your customers.

It’s easy to start small – and stay small

In many cases, VoIP resellers start with little or no knowledge of VoIP beyond the product benefits. Over time, the right service provider can grow that knowledge and allow the reseller to take more control over provisioning, support and management.

But this is just one of several options. From a referral-based VoIP affiliate programme to a choice of hosted telephony reseller plans, you can continue to minimise your involvement in the day-to-day management of your customers.

As a result, you can add VoIP as a source of recurring revenue, without taking time away from your core areas of business.

There’s no need for volume sales

Various VoIP service providers offer reseller plans with wildly different margins. However, if you find a provider that offers a generous margin – or even lets you set your own prices with more advanced plans – you can remove the need to generate a high number of sales to justify your efforts.

This presents a good opportunity to focus on the sales that are ‘quick wins’ for new customers, selling VoIP passively and with the minimum investment. Alternatively, you could focus exclusively on using VoIP as an upsell or cross-sell to your existing services – not generating new business, but getting more revenue from the customers you already have.

See what becoming a VoIP reseller could do for you

With established customer demand, a low management footprint, and no obligation to focus on VoIP or drive huge volume sales, it’s easy to jump in and try adding VoIP to your line-up.

With Hostcomm, you’ll get access to a choice of reseller plans designed to reflect your priorities – and as much or as little support as you want.

Find out more about becoming a VoIP reseller.

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