5 Traits of the most Successful VoIP Reseller Startups

While the market for business VoIP services continues to grow, making a success of your VoIP reseller startup isn’t always easy. How can you make the most of the opportunities and resources available to you, maximising your recurring revenue?

Having been in the business for more than a decade, we’ve seen what it takes to build a successful VoIP reseller business. Beyond the right technology and infrastructure, the most successful resellers have a few key traits and characteristics in common.

Read on to see what sets the best resellers apart and helps them secure a long-term source of recurring revenue.

#1: Attentive to customer needs

Like us, the most successful resellers centre everything they do on their customers. Crucially, this is an attitude and culture that comes into play long before a deal is closed.

Whenever you come into contact with a new prospect, you will take the time to get to know their needs as if they were your own. This could cover anything from growth strategies to sales processes and budgets. Then, drawing on this insight, you can make a targeted sale using reseller collateral that’s relevant and useful to your potential customer. Having a strong focus is a key factor in avoiding customer churn.

As a result, you can deliver a truly fit-for-purpose VoIP service that provides immediate value.

#2: Eager to learn and grow expertise

As well as building knowledge of customer requirements and goals, the best VoIP resellers are always improving their knowledge of technology and the services they offer.

Of course, this depends on the ability of your VoIP service provider to equip you with the resources you need. From webinars and video guides to white papers and hands-on technical support, your provider should give you everything you need to develop your in-house skills.

With an appetite to learn, our most successful resellers take advantage of these resources at every stage.

#3: Flexible and highly adaptable

As their in-house knowledge expands, successful resellers are willing to grow, adapt and evolve their businesses. We have seen resellers start small, improve their capability, then take an increasing level of ownership over their services, moving from switching customers to becoming full service VoIP resellers.

In the earliest stages of becoming a VoIP reseller, it’s important to carefully consider the resources you have available and select a level of ownership that makes sense. You may prefer to leave technical support to your service provider, while taking responsibility for sales and provisioning.

Over time, though, a successful reseller will be driven to increase involvement, potentially setting their own prices and handling all technical support themselves.

#4: Focused on building brand and reputation

In the long-term, our highest-performing resellers have all built their own reputations and brands on the foundation of our best-of-breed technology.

It’s important that any service provider allows resellers to inject their own brand into every aspect of the customer relationship, from white-labelled portals and control panels to customisable sales and marketing collateral for end-customers.

Through this branding, resellers can strengthen relationships with customers and, in turn, improve retention.

#5: Strong collaborators with service providers

Finally, the most successful VoIP resellers we have dealt with all share a collaborative spirit. We are always looking for new ways to support our resellers for the sake of our shared success, and our best partners are always open to collaboration.

We’ve seen this put into practice in numerous ways, from joint marketing campaigns to helping with sales processes. The startups that last and build profitable, high-performance businesses are the ones that take advantage of these opportunities often. Learn more about Why Hosted VoIP Resellers Have a Ready-Made Market

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