4 Common Mistakes of New VoIP Resellers

Over the years, we’ve worked closely with numerous VoIP resellers, helping many grow successful, profitable businesses. But we’ve also seen resellers fall into the same pitfalls time and time again.

Most often, these are mistakes resellers are making in the earliest stages of their businesses. Making the most of those first few months isn’t always easy, but the right planning and preparation can make all the difference.

Whether you’re comparing VoIP service providers or a new VoIP reseller, here are four of the most common mistakes we’ve seen. Keep them in mind to avoid getting your VoIP business off to a false start.

1. Choosing a VoIP provider at random

With the enticing promise of recurring revenue, it’s tempting to choose the first VoIP service provider you can find. However, this is a choice that will define your business and the service you offer. In short, it’s very important.

We’ve heard many horror stories of VoIP resellers whose former service providers simply didn’t make it possible to succeed – from microscopic margins to poor quality of service.

As you compare providers, consider:

  • Infrastructure: How reliable is the VoIP service? How is quality guaranteed and measured?

  • Technical support: Will your service provider support your customers? More importantly, will they help you develop your own VoIP knowledge and your ability to provide your own support?

  • Sales and marketing support: How can your service provider help you reach more customers and close more deals?

Once you’ve checked for these essentials, also consider whether a service provider is a good match for your personality, your current position, and your ambition. It’s not enough to expect friendly customer service – tiered VoIP reseller plans can make sure you get the perfect fit.

2. Losing sight of the all-important numbers

Starting your business is exciting, but there’s nothing more important than your numbers. For example, we’ve seen VoIP resellers extremely satisfied with the sales they’re making, only to realise later that they’re overspending on marketing.

In the earliest days of your business, be sure to track every penny and every metric you can get hold of. Depending on your service provider, all this important data should be available in clear, easy to access reports, giving you complete visibility over your sales, your customers, and your financials.

With that visibility, you’ll also be able to spot trends and patterns faster, capitalising on what seems to be working to drive your growth.

3. Lack of focus on your audience

With such widespread adoption of VoIP as businesses look to reduce their costs, there are big opportunities to focus your sales and marketing efforts around a specific audience. Too many new resellers try to attract every potential customer at the cost of attracting any.

Just as there are many VoIP service providers, there are many VoIP resellers. Establishing your own space is important and there’s no better method than targeting a specific customer base. Your audience doesn’t have to be a small niche that limits your potential – it could be anything from your local area to businesses in a particular industry.

Of course, it’s not enough to choose an audience. Through research, interviews and surveys, build an accurate profile of what your potential customers need and how VoIP can give it to them. Every sales and marketing decision you make should be built around this insight.

4. All strategy, no sales

Finally, it’s not unusual for new VoIP resellers to feel cautious about their lack of experience or established reputation. That’s why so many partners find themselves planning and strategizing without ever taking real action.

The right partner will help you learn about VoIP, the industry, and the technology that makes it all work. But the best advice for new resellers is to jump in – start networking and, above all else, start selling.

A few early mistakes are to be expected. But, with a service and service provider you can really depend on, you’ll find that the best way to learn is by doing.

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