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4 Advanced Hosted Dialler Features You May Have Missed

Whether you’re in a contact centre or business sales team, a predictive dialler has a dramatic impact on productivity. But while automated dialling means a higher volume of connected calls and increased productivity, that’s just the beginning.

In fact, the right hosted dialler can take things even further with advanced features that are designed to make life easier – and more productive – for your agents and team leaders.

Read on to discover four advanced dialler features that you should be taking advantage of.

1. Get valuable insights with advanced reporting

While your dialler should offer a wide range of useful reports as standard, advanced reporting lets you get complete visibility over the performance metrics and key performance indicators that matter most.

Advanced reports can be customised around your campaigns and calling. From individual agents to entire teams, your dialler generates a huge amount of data – any of which can be transformed into an easy-to-digest real-time report with the help of your service provider.

Your advanced reports can also be distributed efficiently to save time and money. This can include automated reporting that sends emails to relevant stakeholders, as well as browser-based access that lets you monitor performance even when you’re working remotely.

2. Centralise your SMS campaigns

In an increasingly multi-channel world, it’s important to bring all your inbound and outbound campaigns together in one place. After all, that’s the only way to get complete visibility of your overall performance across channels and give customers a smooth, seamless experience.

SMS Campaign Manager is a Hostcomm Hosted Predictive Dialler add-on that lets you manage inbound and outbound SMS campaigns. It makes your SMS campaigns a more integrated part of your activity, so you can:

  • Make it easier for agents to send and receive messages

  • Generate detailed reports on your SMS campaigns

  • Get reports that use the combined data of your phone calls and messages

Best of all, SMS Campaign Manager is provider-agnostic, so you can comfortably get the benefits of more effective management regardless of which SMS service provider you use.

3. Find call recordings faster with advanced search

From maintaining compliance to checking (and improving) agent performance, it’s important that you can quickly and easily access recorded calls. However, it can be frustrating to try to locate specific recordings from a database of thousands, even tens of thousands of calls.

With Advanced Call Recording Search as an add-on to your hosted dialler, you can accelerate the process with a wide variety of searchable fields. These can include days, times, agents, customers, and many more.

It’s an effective way to make finding calls faster – so you can do more to investigate compliance issues or train staff in less time.

4. Protect your customers and agents with secure IVR payments

If you take card payments over the phone, keeping data secure is your obligation under PCI DSS standards. However, every time an agent captures and transcribes card details, you leave yourself open to risk of misuse or interception.

An industry-compliant IVR payment service offers a hands-off alternative. At the point of payment, customers are transferred to an automated service where they enter card details on their keypads. It’s a way to build confidence that you take security seriously and also a way to protect your agents by minimising their contact with confidential data. We have further information on payment IVR here.

In addition, while the IVR payment system takes care of card details, your agents can monitor customer progress and intervene in the event of an issue. It’s the ideal balance between security and customer service.

Add advanced features to your hosted dialler.
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