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The Big Benefits of Using a Hosted Dialler

When it comes to a hosted dialler, it can be hard to see the benefits that matter to you at-a-glance. After all, with so many features – so many possibilities – the ones that matter to your business can get lost in the noise.

But for any business, every decision needs to deliver value. So when you implement a new dialler, you need to know exactly what you get for your money – and that the return on your investment is worthwhile.

So what exactly can a hosted dialler do for your business? Here is a guide to the most valuable benefits.

The benefits of an automated dialler

An auto dialler can be an on-premise or remotely hosted solution, depending on your business, your budget, and your needs. You can read a guide to the advantages and disadvantages of both in our free eBook, Diallers: On-Premise vs Hosted.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll get the general benefits of a dialler, including:

  1. Less agent downtime: An auto dialler eliminates the time people waste manually dialling between calls, so agents spend more time talking and make a higher volume of calls per hour.

  2. Predictive dialling mode: In predictive dialler mode, an algorithm in the dialler predicts when an agent will become available to take a call. As a result, numbers can be automatically dialled so that a call connects as soon as an agent is available to take it. You can get a complete guide to the different dialling modes in our eBook, The Truth About Diallers.

  3. No time wasted on bad calls: The dialler will recognise when numbers are busy, when there is no answer, or when a call doesn’t connect. These are filtered out so that agents don’t waste time on them.

  4. Higher data penetration: As a result of the increased call volumes, a dialler leads to much higher data penetration. If a company is paying for lists of contact details, this means they get a better return on their investment by using data to its full potential.

  5. Call scheduling: An automated dialler lets users schedule calls for specific dates and times. This is an effective way to make sure that callbacks are made successfully every time, leading to better customer service.

  6. Call dispositioning: Call outcomes – from having the wrong number to making a sale – can be recorded in the dialler database with a few clicks. This makes it easier to track agent performance and data quality.

  7. CRM integration: Most diallers can be integrated with a customer relationship management (CRM) system, so call outcomes can be automatically reflected in the CRM system, follow-up processes like sending confirmation emails can be automated, and relevant customer information can ‘screen pop’ when an agent takes a call. Learn more about dialler CRM integration

  8. Better reporting: Since every call takes place through the same central dialler, it’s easier for managers to monitor performance and access call recordings.

The unique benefits of a hosted dialler

A hosted dialler is delivered remotely as a service. Instead of buying your own dialler hardware, implementing it, and managing it in-house, you can tap into an existing infrastructure quickly and easily.

A hosted diallers comes with its own unique benefits that an in-house solution can’t offer. These include:

  1. No capital expense: Dialler hardware can be prohibitively expensive, but a hosted dialler lets you pay a simple recurring fee for the service. There is no capital investment and, instead, the dialler becomes an operating expense.

  2. Faster implementation time: With no need for in-house infrastructure changes or configuration, a hosted predictive dialler can usually be set up within 24 hours.

  3. Expert management and support: When your automated dialler is a service, you can expect ongoing management and support from your service provider. Troubleshooting and quality issues are handled by experts, and there’s no need to pay for that expertise in-house.

  4. Scalability: With a per user / per month arrangement, it is easy to scale your number of seats up and down to meet demand. You can always support the number of agents you require, without committing to seats when you don’t need them.

  5. Flexibility: A hosted dialler is a remote service that can be accessed from anywhere. As a result, many hosted dialler services come with greater flexibility than an in-house alternative, such as ways to route calls to mobile phones.

Get more value with a hosted dialler

A predictive dialler lets sales teams and contact centres get through a higher volume of calls and improve efficiency. However, if you’re looking to maximise the return on your investment, it makes sense to keep that investment as low as possible.

A hosted predictive dialler lets you do exactly this. You can retain your flexibility, get expert support, and – crucially – spend less money. So you can get the big benefits that a dialler brings, without the headaches of an in-house implementation.

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