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A 2 Minute Guide to Hosted Diallers

What is a hosted dialler? And how can it help your sales team?

Hosted diallers are no longer used solely by call centres. Whilst traditionally they’ve been seen as a crucial, if not one of the most important, tools for contact centres dealing with large amounts of customer activity – better technology and lower implementation fees (eradicated almost entirely by cloud/hosted technologies), means that they are now being used by smaller sales teams and searching for a proven way to get the most from their sales campaigns.

In fact, more companies than ever before are turning to use one as part of their sales effort; driven to the hosted dialler’s ability to make high-volume outbound calling become a convenient, one-click process.

If you are interested in a new, hugely effective way get the most from your teams and achieve your upcoming campaign, it may be time to consider a hosted dialler. (Already interested? Download Hostcomm’s Hosted Dialler product sheet).

Hosted Diallers – a Very Brief Overview

Picture it: you’ve just set up your small telesales team and you’re looking for ways to increase the amount of time they spend on the phone selling. The more time on the phone, the wider reach, the increased chances of selling your product or service.

This means, to get the most of the agents’ performance, you want to give them access to tools that will reduce the time they spend on administration.

A hosted dialler (also known as a predictive dialler) minimises the amount of time the agent will spend waiting between conversations, because it automatically connects people to the agents. In addition, other obstacles, such as no answer calls, dead lines, busy lines and voicemail, are processed automatically by the dialler without involving the agent.

How can a hosted dialler impact your sales?

Another way to look at it is: because of its ability to automate the dialling process, you can now get up to 50 mins per hour of talk time, rather than the standard 20 minutes; because you are reducing the requirement for the sales agent to physically dial numbers.

That’s an extra half an hour you can get back.

A dialler is full of data, and where there’s data, there’s the ability to gain insight. For instance, if you’re a sales manager, this is where the wallboard functionality really stands out. This visual display of your team’s performance enables you to see who is doing well, and who may need a bit more training. You can also report against the progress of your campaign, and how well your data lists are performing too.

Here are a few reasons why people like hosted diallers:

  • Increase agent productivity by 300%
  • Scale to suit your needs
  • Scripting to support multiple campaigns

A hosted dialler gets salespeople connected to good calls faster, filters out busy lines and wrong numbers and takes away agents’ admin workload.

A hosted dialler and hosted telephony can instantly grow or shrink as your business demands. So you can run a small team or hundreds of agents – without paying for seats you don’t need.

Another great feature is that you can also scale it based on your team’s abilities, by using the dialling modes to determine the speed the dialler connects calls for your agents.

With intelligent scripting, when a call is connected, your sales rep is automatically presented with the correct script; keeping every call on message while dramatically improving customer service delivery.

Want to see how other businesses benefit from? Visit our case study section to learn more.

Why is it referred to as a ‘hosted’ dialler?

There are two options available when it comes to implementing a dialler. You can either look at on-premises solutions or, more popular, a hosted solution.

Hosted solutions – or, as they are also known as ‘cloud services’ – are being embraced by businesses in all sectors because of the range of benefits they offer, namely flexibility and low pricing.

We recommend the hosted option for a number of reasons. Here are a few…

  • You don’t need to invest in significant infrastructure
  • There are no upgrade and maintenance costs
  • Agents can pick up and work in different offices. They just need the internet, a phone and laptop.

FAQs about hosted diallers from growing sales teams:

Q) Can I use my existing CRM?
A) Yes you can. If you purchased a dialler through Hostcomm, we can use our flexible API which means you can integrate it with a number of CRM systems, including FLG, Salesforce, Zoho or MS Dynamics. What’s even better, is that you don’t need an IT team to do so. It’s really simple.

Q) Can I add a script / survey?
A) Yes. For instance, you could have script (which could be useful for new starter training), a survey (one of our in-house developers could build something bespoke for you), or a simple data-capture form.

Q) How do I increase the pace of the dialler?
A) A hosted dialler offers three methods of dialling: manual, progressive, predictive. The pace of the dialler can tweaked at the push of a button under the campaign settings. You’re in control, depending on the variables and objectives you set.

Q) Can my agents work from home?
A) Yes, because a dialer is cloud-based as long as they’ve got a PC, broadband connection, phone and log-in, they are all set.

Interested in learning more about how a hosted dialler can benefit your business?

Why not download our product sheet that details the features and benefits of one. Alternatively, call us on 0808 168 4400 for more information.

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