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8 Reasons to Integrate a Hosted CRM with a Dialler

If your contact centre uses a hosted CRM system and a dialler separately, you’re only using both to a fraction of their potential. In fact, for contact centre managers, integrating your dialler and CRM system is a way to make life a lot easier – and make you far more successful in your role.

Successful integration of a hosted CRM system and a dialler enables the flow of data and processes from your dialler to your CRM system, and vice-versa. This brings many benefits. enabling your sales team or your contact centre agents to hit campaign targets and achieve greater success. And when they shine, so do you. Here are 8 reasons to integrate your hosted CRM system with a dialler.

Reason #1 Reduce queue call back waiting times

Your customers don't like waiting in a queue - and you don't like long queue times. But it's hard to manage the unpredictable spikes in call volumes. Integrating your CRM and dialler lets you smooth call peaks and reduce overall queue lengths using queue callbacks.

If customers have waited for an amount of time you define, an automated message can give them the opportunity to request a call back. If this is accepted with a button press (recognised using IVR technology), their contact details are added to your dialler's outbound call queue. Then, when an agent is available, the callback is made automatically.

As a result, customers are less likely to abandon calls, queue times are shorter, and your customers receive a more convenient service.

Reason #2 Bring timely information to your contact centre agents

Once your systems are integrated, you can make the information stored in your hosted CRM system more readily available to your agents. Crucially, this information can be delivered automatically when calls connect via a ‘screen pop’, which may include customer names, contact details, or sales histories.

It’s an effective way to save time on every call. It eliminates the need to search for records, empowering your team to deliver personal service to the highest standard. As a result, your agents are more productive and your customers are happier.

Reason #3 Schedule Callbacks in the hosted CRM system automatically

Integration also makes it possible to schedule callbacks to a given customer. Agents are presented with a simple calendar pop-up where they can record when the customer should be contacted. Then, your dialler will assign the call to an agent at the given time and present them with the relevant customer information on-screen.

That means a callback is never forgotten or missed - something that's sure to impress your customers. If you want to learn more about callbacks, read our free eBook: Never Miss a Callback.

Reason #4 Automate outbound dialling

What would be the impact on your campaign performance if you could control the pace of outbound dialling for every agent? With a dialler, you can.

Automation could boost outbound dialling by as much as 300%, while allowing your agents to focus on handling calls, not dialling numbers. What's more, this increase in productivity is easier to achieve than you think. If you're concerned about using a dialler while meeting compliance and best practice obligations, we dispel some of the myths about automated dialling in our eBook The Truth About Diallers.

Reason #5 Click-to-dial in your hosted CRM

Not ready for outbound dialling to tackle a list? Then simply use click to dial in your hosted CRM interface.

When your agents can click any contact number to call it, outbound calling is significantly faster and incorrectly dialled numbers are a thing of the past. If you consider the number of times that you have had to redial an incorrectly dialled number, this represents a big time saving. Every manual process is an obstacle to success - and that includes manual dialling. There's just no need for it anymore. Instead, click to dial.

Reason #6 Automatic lead distribution in your hosted CRM system

In most businesses, leads come in from multiple sources. These could include data lists, web forms, calls, and many more. How can you manage all of these incoming leads and make sure they're followed up on effectively?

When your CRM and dialler are working together, leads can be distributed intelligently to your agents - whichever source they come in from. As soon as information hits the CRM database, it can be automatically reflected in your dialler database and added to the relevant outbound call list. As a result, leads get to agents faster - and you can make the most of every opportunity.

Reason #7 Automate workflow to reduce admin

The time that your agents spend on follow-up administration is time taken away from calls. With an integrated CRM and dialler, you can remove this manual process and trigger workflows automatically based on call dispositions.

The possibilities are endless. When a deal is made, let your dialler pass the result to your CRM and automatically prepare the follow-up paperwork. When a customer asks for specific information, let your CRM send an email with the relevant files attached. Every process is faster, more efficient, and less likely to fall victim to human error. Meanwhile, your agents can focus on what's really important - the calls they make to customers.

Reason #8 Consolidate your contact centre data

Finally, integrating your hosted CRM and dialler systems can have a significant impact on your administration and maintenance. When all of your information – from customer histories to telephone numbers – is in the same database, there’s no longer a need to maintain two silos of information individually. Instead, keep every record up-to-date at the same time. So all that information can work to your advantage, not create another frustration and expense.

Want to find out how to unlock more selling power with CRM and dialler integration?

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