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Six reasons for a cloud contact centre

Building the case for a cloud-based contact centre has never been easier. Business leaders have uncovered fundamental benefits by moving to the cloud. Financially, there is a lot that can be gained and a lot of costs that can be cut all while improving collaboration and agent productivity, even remote workers can receive calls.

No Capital Investment in technology

Cloud-based solutions are typically based on a monthly subscription financial model that allows businesses to eliminate high, up front investment costs of on-premise solutions in favour of a much more digestible monthly cost. There is no need to pay for large infrastructure and technology costs as your vendor has this covered. The cloud simply helps your cashflow.

Low implementation costs

Organisations can rapidly implement cloud contact centre solutions in a matter of days, there is no on-premise installation. Using a cloud contact centre you will benefit from a provider who covers to the costs of managing and executing the implementation. All you need is a PC, IP phone, Router and Broadband.

No hardware or software upgrade costs

Much like the implementation costs, upgrades to hardware and software are covered by your provider. There is no need to worry about legacy hardware slowing you down. Because there are no site installations, businesses have the flexibility to scale up or down easily.

Minimised support costs

With a cloud contact centre service, you can reduce the burden of support on internal IT teams. There's no need to staff specialists to keep things operational. Unlimited tech support as standard allows your IT team to focus on their business objectives. Some new solutions offer multiple capabilities, giving you one point of contact for support, instead of having to reply on different vendors for support.

Reduce costs of running a contact centre

All of these points add up the to ultimately reduce the cost of running a contact centre. Risk is minimised, support and maintenance is outsourced and monthly fees ease your cashflow compared to large investments into troublesome on-premise infrastructure. Business process automation allows for greater productivity by increasing access to information that can streamline agent productivity.

Greater Collaboration

With a cloud contact centre you can transfer calls internally or to remote workers with ease. Conference calls can be managed and organised via an online portal, this allows users to access the schedule through any browser-based device. Agents and managers can view performance in real-time from any web based browser. SIP VoIP can be installed onto your iPhone or Android device, allowing your team to experience call centre features on their smart phone.

Many organisations are now understanding the financial return on investment by migrating their contact centre to the cloud. These businesses are able to scale up and down their workforce, without carrying any unnecessary infrastructure costs. Even remote workers can have instant and consolidated access to the same services and information - streamlining collaboration and productivity.

This allows managers to free up their time and focus on meeting and exceeding customer service expectations.


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