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Reduce Abandoned calls with Queue Callbacks

There is little more frustrating to your customers than waiting in a queue for an indefinite period of time. Ultimately, this leads to abandoned calls, brand defection, and customers who are unhappy before they even speak to an agent.

Meanwhile, no agent wants to deal with a customer who has been waiting for a long time in a queue, and no inbound contact centre wants to see its queue steadily grow while agents struggle to keep up.

One way a dialler can help is through queue callback technology. After a predefined length of time, an automated message can interrupt your hold music to provide customers with an alternative. They simply push a button, hang up the phone, and wait for an agent to call them back.

The process behind queue callbacks is simple. When a customer pushes a button to request a callback, the dialler records their caller ID number. This is then dropped into an outbound call queue. From there, the dialler treats it as a standard call, taking care of dialling the number and passing connected calls to available agents.

With queue callbacks, agents aren’t asked to do additional work. They do not need to waste time manually dialling outbound numbers, or trying to reach customers. They concentrate their attention on delivering the best service, not contacting customers.

However, queue callbacks are an effective way to reduce queue sizes and keep customers happy. By offering them a simple alternative to waiting in a queue, you can ensure that their first impression of your contact centre is a good one.

Finally, queue callbacks help to balance calls more evenly. Rather than trying to keep up with an unexpected peak in call volumes, your agents can deal with the people who need immediate attention now, and make contact with less urgent cases when they become available.


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