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How to Improve Campaign Performance with a Survey Application

Surveys are an essential tool for a wide range of different businesses. Utility firms can use them to conduct large-scale switching campaigns. Market research companies can use them to conduct their core business, every single day.

All companies, even those that would not conduct surveys regularly can use them to collect customer satisfaction data and improve service standards and customer experience.

But getting the most out of surveys and keeping them manageable isn’t easy. Fortunately, an application like Hostcomm Surveyor can help.

Here are four key areas in which a survey application will drive the performance of your survey campaigns.

1. Increase your number of survey participants

The most successful surveys reach a large number of participants. This is how you are able to balance the outliers, find reliable trends, and identify true averages. In turn, a high volume of participants helps you obtain meaningful data.

A survey application that’s integrated with a hosted predictive dialler is one way to boost your participant numbers. This is because hard to reach numbers are screened out of the process so, as opposed to trying numbers multiple times, your agents can spend more time on connected calls.

In addition, a survey application can bring together multiple means of data gathering. Hostcomm Surveyor offers a responsive interface that is optimised for mobile devices and tablets – ideal for face-to-face surveys such as those involving hands-on time with a product.

Meanwhile, the application can also be used to run online surveys that follow the same structure as the one your agents refer to when making calls.

2. Improve agent performance on surveys

Of course, quantity alone doesn’t make for a successful survey. Your agents also have a crucial role to play and their performance is vital.

A survey application presents questions on screen, helping agents to keep on message and ask questions in the right phrasing. This is an important part of ensuring the quality and accuracy of responses. After all, the same question asked in a slightly different way could encourage a completely different response.

The on-screen script can also be used to control the flow of a conversation. As a result, your agents can meet your expected pacing to maximise the number of calls they make over a given period of time.

3. Make your survey results more accurate

Presenting survey questions to your agents on screen doesn’t just ensure they perform consistently. It’s also a useful way to maintain a high quality of questioning across every single conversation, which leads to more accurate results.

Once a question has been asked, the same screen can be used to collect data. Significantly, agents are required to enter data into specific form fields, in a specific format. This is an effective way to verify responses while participants are still available on the phone, and before data is committed to the database.

Finally, all of the gathered responses are stored immediately in the database, eliminating the need for paper records that could be lost or forgotten. Every response is preserved - instantly.

4. Regularly improve your survey structure

When integrated with an automated dialler, a survey application helps you make more survey calls, ask the right questions, and capture accurate data. And the best thing is that it’s easy to configure and easy to change.

While solutions like customer scripting are expensive to change, a survey application allows you to quickly optimise your survey. This could involve changing the flow of the survey or the wording of specific questions.

For administrators, there’s also immediate access to detailed analytics. With the ability to view statistics immediately, you can continuously tweak your campaign to achieve the improved results you need.


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