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Hostcomm publishes new nuisance calls ebook for contact centres

The new ebook, 'Protect your contact centre from nuisance call complaints' defines ‘a nuisance call’ and explains how careful configuration of a dialler can help you avoid making nuisance calls. Contact centres can use their diallers with confidence and not worry about accidentally contravening the new regulations, risking fines.

Chris Key, Director at Hostcomm, says the ebook covers in more detail the reasons why people lodge complaints. “It also explains where customers can find the latest Ofcom regulations and offers support on how to configure a dialler to be Ofcom compliant,” he says. According to Key, predictive diallers are a powerful way to boost efficiency and improve customer service, but their reputation suffers when they’re misused. “We believe our new educational material and support will help,” he says. Hostcomm has also created a support video for its predictive dialler customers. The video explains all the dialler settings and talks the user through the steps to setting up an Ofcom compliant campaign.

New regulations that protect the general public against nuisance calls are good news for consumers and also for law-abiding contact centres who can now truly stand out above those providing a poor customer service. The new laws which came into effect in April 2015, give the ICO more power to intervene and members of the public more power to protect themselves against nuisance calls. The call recipient simply needs to report a call for the complaint to be taken seriously. If the ICO can prove the company is contravening Ofcom regulations, then a fine can be issued.

Hostcomm is determined to ensure its customers remain compliant. By using their diallers correctly, many reputable organisations are creating highly successful campaigns without risk of nuisance calls, and are known for their good work and high levels of customer service.

Shelter, for example, has generated huge successes using the Hostcomm Hosted Predictive Dialler. The dialler is configured to comply with Ofcom regulations and Shelter’s own fundraising code of practice. Read the Shelter case study for more about how Shelter complies with Ofcom and prevents nuisance calls.

For more information about how Hostcomm can help your business comply with Ofcom regulations download the ebook and watch the video.


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