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Hostcomm Publishes New Guide to Improving Customer Service in Inbound Contact Centres

Available as a free download, the new eBook, 'Never miss a call back' shows inbound contact centres five ways that more efficient outbound dialling with a hosted dialler can help them delight customers with the best possible service.

“There’s a temptation to think that a hosted dialler is only for outbound contact centres,” says Chris Key, Director at Hostcomm. “But many of our customers are inbound or blended contact centres. The reality is that they need to make outbound calls, albeit not in the same volume as an outbound centre. But, because they’re focused on taking calls from customers, this is where service standards often fall short. Our new eBook explains how a dialler is an affordable way to make these outbound calls – however occasional – more efficient.”

From following-up on escalated issues to providing additional information, every inbound contact centre needs to make outbound calls to its customers. However, many of these outbound call backs are missed as the result of forgetful agents, flexible work patterns, and communication problems.

Hostcomm’s new ebook explains how call backs can be scheduled through an outbound dialler, whether they are agent-specific or can be handled by any available agent. As a result, inbound contact centres can eliminate missed call backs altogether.

“One of the most frustrating things for customers is a call back that is promised, but never received,” says Key. “These are the times when customers are most likely to turn to a competitor who delivers on their promises. But a hosted dialler gives inbound contact centres a scalable way to automate the process of returning calls – so nothing is missed. This has a huge impact on overall customer service standards.”

In addition, a hosted dialler can help to reduce queue sizes – another important issue for an inbound contact centre. Hostcomm’s new eBook includes details on queue call backs, where customers can exit a queue to request a call back when an agent is available, and website call backs, where customers can request a call through a web-based form. Both of these methods that can be implemented quickly and easily.

“A dialler brings automation into the contact centre, and that’s hugely advantageous,” adds Key. “Automation eliminates agent error, ensures productivity, and reduces the administrative burden on agents as they make outbound calls. What’s more, a hosted solution makes this technology more accessible to inbound contact centres. With no capital expense and the ability to scale usage up and down, everyone can take advantage of a dialler’s capabilities – and make customer service better than ever.”

To find out more about Hostcomm and to download 'Never miss a call back', visit Hostcomm


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