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Hostcomm publishes eBook Improving Value from Data Lists

In the new eBook 'Generating More Business from your Data Lists', contact centres can find out more about the risks associated with sourcing poor quality data or failing to use it effectively, as well as strategies for improving data performance using a hosted dialler.

“Data lists represent a big investment for an outbound contact centre,” says Chris Key, Director at Hostcomm. “But that investment doesn’t always deliver a valuable asset to the business. While the quality of lists varies significantly, organisations need to take responsibility for their own return on investment and how much value they draw from their data. Our new eBook provides a convenient overview to this process.”

In ‘Generating More Business from your Data Lists’, Hostcomm explains useful methods for maximising your use of data lists, across several key areas. These include list penetration, utilisation, and the use of dispositioning codes to analyse data and make informed decisions. In addition, the eBook discusses the role of a hosted dialler in improving ROI, from dramatically increasing the number of calls your contact centre makes per day to using callbacks to ensure every lead is pursued.

However, Hostcomm also understands that poor campaign performance is not always the result of inefficient calling.

“Most call centres can do more to drive value from their data,” adds Key. “But the reality is that sometimes problems start at the source. While it’s important to improve your list penetration and utilisation, businesses also need to take an honest look at the data itself. It’s only with complete visibility over list quality that contact centres can make informed buying decisions.”

Hostcomm’s new eBook also looks at methods for analysing and assessing data lists. With the right dialler, contact centres can run clear, visual reports based on call dispositions and other metrics. These can then be used to identify trends and patterns. Call outcome data can even be used to cleanse data and ensure that resources are focused on useful, up-to-date leads.

Finally, the eBook explains how easy a hosted dialler is to use, from loading data lists via SQL or a web-based form to eliminating the need for on-site dialler technology.

“A dialler is powerful technology for a contact centre, and some people find that intimidating” adds Key, “That’s why a hosted solution makes so much sense. Much of the implementation and management work is carried out by experts, leaving contact centres to focus their attention where it matters most – on calling, converting, and maximising campaign performance.”

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