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Hostcomm Integrates Hosted Dialler Services with FLG CRM

Hostcomm has announced details of its new partnership with the developers of FLG (formerly FLG360), a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) system.

When the CRM system is integrated with Hostcomm’s own hosted dialler services, contact centres can introduce rich automation and new functionality designed to make agents more productive.

“A dialler makes it possible to connect more calls and give agents more conversations,” says Chris Key, Director at Hostcomm. “Meanwhile, a CRM system like FLG lets you organise customer data, record the details of your interactions, track leads, and much more. Both solutions improve productivity and maximise results, whether those are outbound campaign statistics or customer service metrics. They serve similar purposes, in different ways – and that’s why they make such a powerful pair.”

When FLG is integrated with Hostcomm’s hosted dialler, new functionality streamlines common processes, allowing agents to spend more time on calls.

During outbound dialling, the dialler interface can screen pop customer records pulled directly from the FLG database. This ensures that agents are ready to begin calls immediately, armed with all the information they need. With screen pop, agents can save around 20 seconds per call – over an estimated 200 calls, this represents more than hour of time saved. In addition, screen pop improves the customer experience by making agents more knowledgeable from the outset.

Another significant drain on talk time is manual dialling. When agents are required to enter phone numbers by hand, as much as an hour of time could be wasted through the working day. Hostcomm’s FLG integration offers click to dial functionality from within the CRM interface, eliminating manual dialling altogether. As a result, agents can make calls quicker and avoid the dialling errors that come with any manual process.

“Integration with FLG means that any company can experience improved dialler efficiency,” adds Key. “That means they can accomplish more and work through data in the CRM system faster, while keeping the data up-to-date with the use of automatic lead creation.”

A CRM system is most effective when every lead can be tracked from its earliest stages, and this tracking continues through the customer’s entire lifecycle. With that in mind, Hostcomm’s dialler can automatically create new leads in the FLG database.

During calls, agents can be presented with a customised form in the dialler, which allows data to be collected. This could include generic data including customer names and addresses, as well as sector or business specific information. Then, when calls are dispositioned as new leads, the data is automatically populated as a new record in FLG.

This approach, where data is loaded to the dialler and only genuine leads are added to the CRM system, is an effective way to maintain CRM data quality. Any dead or stale data never reaches FLG’s database. In addition, since increased data storage usually comes with an increased cost, this can be an effective way to reduce the expense of CRM services.

“FLG is all about extreme velocity, highly automated selling,” says Steven Booth. “And a hosted dialler brings automation and speed to calling, so agents can achieve higher contact rates and make more sales. For contact centres that need to convert a constant flow of sales leads into business, FLG is the right choice.”

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