Hostcomm Grows Partnership with BT Wholesale

Leading Voice over IP (VoIP) provider Hostcomm has made a renewed investment in its relationship with BT Wholesale (, acquiring 900 more VoIP lines using the BT IPExchange service.

This new investment marks the continued growth of the relationship between Hostcomm and BT Wholesale.

“We have worked in partnership with BT Wholesale for some time now,” says Chris Key, Director at Hostcomm. “Our relationship allows us to source lines at competitive pricing, creating savings that we can pass on to our clients. Now, with BT IPExchange, we are taking our partnership to the next level. This creates new opportunities for us to improve our hosted VoIP services and exceed client expectations.”

Hostcomm connects directly to the BT network, simplifying the underlying network topology. These direct connections allow Hostcomm to eliminate single points of failure, maximising service availability for its customers. Meanwhile, direct connections to BT help to maintain service speed and reduce latency, resulting in faster, more effective call centre services.

The adoption of BT IPExchange has allowed Hostcomm to increase capacity and resilience across the Hostcomm infrastructure.

“We currently connect around 15 million calls each month for our customers,” says Key. “By increasing the number of lines at our disposal, we can push our services even further. We pride ourselves on scalable services that grow with our clients, and this new investment will make our services even more elastic. But at the same time, our close relationship with BT Wholesale brings other benefits to our customers.”

One useful feature of BT IPExchange is access to the number porting service. With this access, Hostcomm can receive ported numbers from any service provider that has an agreement with BT. This includes almost every service provider in the UK. As a result, clients can bring existing numbers into Hostcomm’s VoIP services quickly and easily.

“Number porting is just one of several advantages that our customers enjoy thanks to our relationship with BT Wholesale,” adds Key. “The relationship also allows us to increase service availability and provide access to BT number ranges. Crucially, this relationship is just one part of our overall approach to the issues that businesses and call centres face. We will continue to invest in valuable partnerships in the coming months.”

Hostcomm is also using its relationship with BT Wholesale and increased number of lines to create a more attractive traffic profile, minimising the risk of short-notice suspension for its customers. In the coming months, Hostcomm will continue to manage VoIP traffic through five main carriers and will be investing in Genband VoIP traffic routing equipment. This allows the company to improve security and manage an ever-increasing volume of traffic.

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