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Hostcomm Dispels Predictive Dialler Myths

Leading Voice over IP (VoIP) provider Hostcomm has launched a new eBook, ‘The Truth About Diallers,’ available now as a free download.

The free guide takes an honest, upfront look at four common misconceptions that surround the world of diallers. From concerns about loss of control to the threat of dropped calls, these are the challenges Hostcomm notices most frequently in businesses of all sizes.

“Most businesses understand the competitive advantage that comes with a dialler,” says Chris Key, Director at Hostcomm. “You can work faster, use data more efficiently, and maximise agent talk time, all without creating a considerable capital expense. But the fact remains that businesses concerned about customer experience and the demands of compliance, need crystal-clear advice to avoid common pitfalls.”

From the perspective of call centre managers and business owners, the world of predictive diallers can be perplexing. While the benefits of a dialler are clear, so too are the associated risks of dropped calls and agent frustration. However, many of these risks are minimal or non-existent when a dialler is operating in the correct mode.

Hostcomm’s new guide explains three dialler modes: preview dialling, progressive dialling, and predictive dialling. Each of these modes offers a different level of automation, so businesses can strike the balance between increasing agent talk time and maintaining regulatory compliance.

With the help of the free eBook, businesses can make informed decisions about the right dialler mode for them.

“Our goal is to help people get behind the myths and understand diallers fully,” adds Key. “While most myths are based on some grain of truth, flexible dialling modes allow you to limit dropped calls, balance agent workload, and retain as much or as little control over calling as you need.”

In addition to the realities behind the myths, ‘The Truth About Diallers’ includes a breakdown of how each dialling mode works, its key benefits, and the type of organisation it would suit. With this insight, customers can assess their requirements, understand associated risks, and select the most effective dialler mode.

“The biggest myth of all is a one-size-fits-all dialler – every business is unique. What’s more, the dialler mode that works for your current campaign may not make sense as your company grows. I hope that our new guide will help every customer choose a mode that delivers the results they need, from small targeted sales teams to large-scale call centres.”

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