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Five disasters your contact centre can avoid with data back ups

As reliability on data increases, the risk and cost of losing that information grows. Data loss from failure to back up becomes a real issue and can damage operational efficiency and customer service. 

It is important to have the right data management and back up protocols in place to recover from any potential data loss disaster. Here are five easily preventable data disasters:

1. Loss of contact information

The loss of a contact information database can mean different things to different organisations. For many, the loss of customer contact data can mean lost agent productivity. This can go hand in hand with risk of not being able to deliver the customer service your clients are used to. Back up your data to ensure that any loss of data can be restored.

2. Loss of call recording history

Retaining call detail records is a mandatory requirement for Ofcom compliance, if they are lost that’s a breach. Much like the loss of contact information, the loss of a call recording history database can have a further implications depending on how you chose to utilise these recordings. For example, providing evidence of business or ensuring compliance with regulatory procedures. Without having back ups of your invaluable call records you could lose out on critical learning and development opportunities to hone customer service. You also run the risk of losing precious recordings, which you may need to prove accountability. Don’t run the risk of losing precious information; always ensure you have a suitable back up option for call records.

3. Server runs out of memory

A busy call centre can generate millions of database records and call recordings per week. The main VoIP codec used today is G711 which runs at around 100kbps. A recording at this speed reaches a file size of 360mb per hour, per agent. It is therefore very important to stay on top of your data in terms of strategy to move it and back it up. If a server fails due to lack of memory, it becomes a real possibility that you will not be able to store new data and risk losing invaluable information.

4. Customer Service Level

Impacted In the event of a lost database and unavailable customer contact information, loss of call recording or even running out of server memory to store new data, you jeopardise customer service. Agents aren’t able to access customer contact information to make important calls, or schedule call backs. A loss of call recordings takes away any accountability you may have as an organisation, this is especially important if this information is needed as a reference at a later data. If your server runs out of memory and new or existing customer information cannot be stored – you risk new and current relationships. Improving customer experience and satisfaction can be secured by having the right back ups and protocols in place.

5. No back up?

Failure to restore can be catastrophic If you don't have a back up available you run the risk of losing important information. Customer histories and relationships can be jeopardised and the ability to deliver exceptional customer service will become a new challenge. That is why having the right back up protocol in place is crucial to ensure operational efficiency, reducing the risk of a data loss disaster that could seriously impact your customer service.

Do you know who's responsible for your data backups? Whether your servers are on premise or you use a hosted provider for a cloud contact centre, you need to make sure responsibilities are clearly outlined and your data backups are happening. Think ahead to avoid data disasters which could have a big impact on your contact centre operations.


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