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Who is answering the telephone calls for Sport Relief?

Sport Relief weekend kicks off today, and I’m sure you’re all getting ready to make your call and give generously. But have you ever wondered how all those calls are managed? Where are the agents who’ll pick up and process your donation?

You might remember the classic telethons of yesteryear, with a few friendly-looking faces on stage accepting your calls. But TV has changed, and now it’s all about the entertainment. So where are the people to take your call?

We know of 60 people at Crystal Legal who are taking calls and, at Hostcomm, we’re supporting this with our leading contact centre solutions based on VoIP technology.

How our contact centre solution handles some of the calls 

As you can imagine, it takes a powerful solution to handle the volume of calls that come in to Sport Relief.

First, donors dial the number shown on-screen and BT routes these calls to various volunteer organisations. Tonight, our call management platform will be making sure calls connect across 60 VoIP lines, routing people from BT to Crystal Legal.

Of course, the sheer scale of calls from donors means there won’t always be a Crystal Legal agent available. When that happens, our platform lets BT know, and they automatically route the call to a different contact centre full of volunteers.

It’s an effective, reliable way to make sure the people who want to donate always can. And, thanks to our platform, call routing to Crystal Legal happens in an instant.

We’re all doing our bit for Sport Relief

At 6.30 tonight, the Crystal Legal contact centre will be full of people waiting to take your donations for Sport Relief. They’ll be there until midnight, even after a long day at work.

I asked Lyndsay, the Marketing Manager at Crystal Legal, why they’re taking part. She said: “Because it’s great fun and we get to support a great charity event at the same time. ”

Throughout the night, the agents will be taking part in a number of activities to raise even more money for charity. So as well as handling the donations coming in from you, they’ll be making a sizable donation of their own. I’m looking forward to seeing photos and hearing stories about what the team at Crystal Legal get up to tonight. It’s always a fun, entertaining occasion, with an important cause at its heart.

And I’d like to take the opportunity to commend Crystal Legal for doing so much to help those in need. Find out more about them by visiting their website. If you’re as inspired as I am, don’t hesitate to get involved.

There’s no need to climb Everest or swim the channel – just head out for a run, get on your bike, or Simply Swim to change lives. You can donate online now at the Sport Relief website. I’m sure Sport Relief and the people they help would appreciate your support. 





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