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Shelter uses Hostcomm Predictive Dialler to Support Calling Campaigns

Leading UK VoIP provider Hostcomm announced today details of the company’s growing relationship with Shelter - the housing and homelessness charity. Hostcomm’s affordable Hosted Predictive Dialler system, has been deployed to support the charity’s outbound calling campaigns, balancing the charity’s goals with the complexities of maintaining service standards.

In particular, Hosted Predictive Dialler played a vital role in Shelter’s recent Welcome Calling programme. Through Welcome Calling, new donors were welcomed with a call from somebody that charity has previously helped through the distress of homeless or housing issues. The campaign gave supporters the chance to speak directly with the people their donations help, while giving Shelter the opportunity to encourage retention.

“Our relationship with Shelter is centred on Hosted Predictive Dialler abilities as a hosted predictive dialler,” says Chris Key, Director at Hostcomm. “As a hosted solution, Hosted Predictive Dialler is quick and easy to implement, easily scaled up and down to meet demand, and powerful enough to support Shelter’s large-scale campaigns. Crucially, the platform makes compliance, security, and standards more convenient to manage – so Shelter can focus on the good work it does, not the practicalities of its dialler.”

Charities like Shelter face a particularly difficult balancing act when it comes to managing outbound calling. Fundamentally, the goal is simple – to reach the maximum number of people and inform them clearly and concisely about what they could do to help. However, charities are also subject to the same regulations and service expectations as any other call centre. As a result, it is necessary to call responsibly, maintain Ofcom compliance, and avoid the negative reaction that can come with misuse of dialler technology.

Hostcomm Hosted Predictive Dialler makes it easier for Shelter to maximise results and deliver excellent service while keeping costs down. While the use of a predictive dialler to eliminate downtime can increase agent productivity by as much as 300%, Hosted Predictive Dialler includes several features to ensure that the quality of calls matches the potential quantity. Charities can use targeted lists, limit the maximum number of call attempt to a single telephone number, employ logic-based scripting to keep agents on topic, and more. Meanwhile, card payments can be taken through an integrated PCI-compliant system that keeps cardholder data secure.

Together, these features give charities the performance and call quality they require. Meanwhile, as a hosted system without the need for on-site hardware, Hosted Predictive Dialler is remarkable affordable and easy to implement.

“Hostcomm has been so helpful and the team has listened to our needs from the start,” says Paul Butland, Early Retention Manager at Shelter. “Setting up Hosted Predictive Dialler has been a hassle-free and stress-free experience, free from software or licences, easy to use and simple.”

In addition to Shelter, Hostcomm plays a key role in the good work of several other charities, including Sport Relief and Comic Relief.

Discover more by reading the full Shelter case study.

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