Hostcomm Invests further in Resilient VoIP Infrastructure

UK VoIP provider Hostcomm announced today the details of new investment in the infrastructure that supports its business VoIP service. The addition of a new softswitch at one of the company’s four UK datacentres will increase capacity by 1000 lines and create an additional failsafe, guaranteeing service continuity for its customers.

This continued investment in the Hostcomm VoIP infrastructure further enhances the company’s unique mesh design network, where individual datacentres work together to maintain service standards.

“Many hosted telephony providers opt for a single softswitch and carrier, which is a simpler design,” says Chris Key, Director at Hostcomm. “But this leaves the service provider with very few options if a problem occurs with the carrier or data centre which would lead to sustained downtime.”

A VoIP softswitch works as an aggregation point for carrier lines, bringing them together in a single fixed location. From here, the softswitch can load balance call traffic effectively, routing calls through carriers evenly. This helps to increase capacity, providing businesses with the scalable lines that make VoIP for business so appealing. In addition, a softswitch provides automatic failover in the event of a carrier problem. Rather than experiencing prolonged downtime, call traffic is simply routed to another carrier until the problem is resolved. You can read more about VoIP softswitches here.

This recent investment in infrastructure marks the continuation of Hostcomm’s commitment to supporting its business VoIP service with a network that can cope with growing demand. As VoIP technology has reached maturity, more and more call centres and contact centres are moving towards an IP-based model where lines are available on-demand and services are more scalable.

With the addition of the new VoIP softswitch, the total capacity in this UK datacentre reaches an impressive 5000 lines, with the resilience to keep business critical services up and running at all times.

“As a provider of VoIP services and hosted predictive diallers, we strike to ensure uptime and quality for all our clients, including large corporates with call centres,” adds Key. “Dialler servers put a great deal of stress on server hardware and databases due to the volume of calls and data generated. We ensure our network infrastructure is ready to meet the unique demands of dialler stress, maintaining service standards for businesses.”

Hostcomm provides a full suite of VoIP and hosted telephony services, including solutions for inbound and outbound call centres, businesses, and corporations. As well as VoIP lines, hardware and equipment, the company’s hosted predictive dialler provides rich automation for contact centres, from queued dialling to full customer relationship management (CRM) integration. These services are all deployed on the company’s renowned infrastructure, which uses five different carriers to guarantee crystal-clear calls, consistent uptime, and convenient scalability.

To find out more about Hostcomm’s infrastructure and the company’s range of hosted telephony solutions, visit

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