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Hostcomm Boosts Dialler Resilience with Active Standby Dialler Servers

Leading UK VoIP provider Hostcomm is providing predictive dialler customers with active standby dialler servers, a new option for hosted predictive dialler service continuity. These ‘slave’ diallers act as a backup for primary dialler servers, ready to step in should servers go unexpectedly offline.

Working as part of Hostcomm’s VoIP infrastructure which is already well-equipped for the stress of predictive dialler use, active standby dialler servers provide an additional layer of protection and peace of mind for call centres and contact centres.

“Predictive dialler servers put a great deal of stress on server hardware and databases due to the high volume of calls and data generated,” says Chris Key, Director at Hostcomm. “Hostcomm ensures that servers are able to handle the pressures of dialler activity, but this new service now gives an instant option to reduce downtime to minutes.”

In a contact centre environment, dialler downtime results in agents unable to make fast, automated calls until the issue is resolved. In real terms, downtime can lead to loss of revenue, disrupted campaign scheduling, and wasted resources.

With Hostcomm’s new active standby dialler servers, customers can cut downtime in the event of dialler server issues to a minimum. A ‘slave’ dialler server receives copied semi-live database information from the master dialler server within one minute, and steps in while the master server is offline.

This guarantees that technical issues do not interrupt campaigns and calling, and call centres remain at their most productive.

Active standby dialler servers are just one component of Hostcomm’s resilient and reliable VoIP infrastructure. With numerous layers of protection to ensure business continuity, VoIP from Hostcomm is designed and structured to keep companies calling.

At the foundation of the infrastructure, power supplies with diverse routing ensure careful power management and, in the event of failure, backup power steps in for continued uptime. Similarly, Hostcomm uses multiple Tier 1 carrier connections, eliminating single points of failure and including automated failover should a carrier connection be lost. Finally, customers have multiple options for outbound and inbound connections. Since the VoIP service and dialler activity takes place over broadband, agents can easily switch to an alternative broadband connection at home or in another office, or fall back on landlines and mobile phones in the event of failure.

Of course, the likelihood of such failures is significantly reduced with intelligent network design and load balancing to cope with the unique volume and profile of dialler traffic.

Hostcomm provides a full suite of VoIP and hosted telephony services, including solutions for inbound and outbound call centres, businesses, and corporations. With a hosted predictive dialler, customers can use rich automation to increase agent productivity by up to 300%. In addition, Hostcomm’s solution offers enhanced real-time monitoring, deep customer relationship management (CRM) integration, and fast scalability, with a single monthly fee and no CAPEX required. Existing customers include Help Link, Towergate Insurance and more.

To find out more about Hostcomm’s hosted predictive diallers and resilient VoIP infrastructure, visit

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