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5 tips reveal how Call scripting helps call centre agents triumph

A call script is a vital sales tool. Not only does the call script give call centre agents the confidence they need, but it arms them with useful information to deliver the best possible customer service. Less training is needed to get new employees up to speed and generate revenue for the company. And, with a call script, every agent stays on brand.

But as with any tool, it’s easy to forget the setup details that can make a real difference to an agent's performance. Here are five tips for getting the most out of your call scripting technology:

1. Embed dialler control buttons into the call script

Agents working with a predictive dialler often have to switch between the call script and the dialler interface with each conversation, which is not only time consuming but can be distracting. This can be avoided by using application programming interface (API) links to embed dialler control buttons into the call script. It allows agents to focus on the script alone, helping them to concentrate on the most in-depth conversations, while lowering their chances of making a mistake.

2. Use logic coding

Logic coding provides a set of instructions that helps the technology respond to a certain situation in a suitable way. Using logic coding in the call script can greatly reduce errors, eliminate wasted time and help the agent deliver a better experience to customers. If, for example, the dialler contacts someone who says she’s 18 years old, the script will display questions or information which is relevant to that age group. Or, if the called party is not a homeowner, it will automatically hide information relating to home ownership. The script continues to adapt as the agent works through it.

3. Embed chat on scripts

By adding group chat onto the script, agents can ask their supervisors questions while remaining in contact with the called parties. In addition, call centre supervisors can broadcast messages to the group that are easy for agents to see. Chat can be configured so that agents can message the supervisor and not each other, helping to avoid misuse.

4. Push database information into the script fields

It’s possible to set up the system so that information about the called party, which is held in the database, is pushed into the script as each call connects. This means the agent can quickly steer the conversation to meet objectives without wasting the customer’s time with unnecessary questions, ensuring a more productive call and a better overall experience.

5. Screen pop the script

A screen pop delivers agents vital information as each new call connects. It means the employee can greet the called party by name, start a conversation quickly and easily, and deliver a more professional and personalised experience.

Call scripting technology, such as Hostcomm Intelligent Call Scripting, gives agents the tools they need to work to the best of their ability. Far from confusing agents with too many features, the technology simplifies all processes that potentially hinder their progress, delivering intuitive, easy-to-use information and features on a single screen. Used right, call scripting enables all your agents to become experts who represent your business with the highest levels of service.

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