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Hostcomm’s hosted predictive dialler integration with Zoho CRM – the key to fast gowth!

In most call centres there are a huge amount of repetitive tasks, especially in outbound call centres. This is due to the low percentage of successful call outcomes. A hosted predictive dialler has to make many calls before a sale is made and this can create a great deal of administration if the correct CRM / hosted dialler integration measures are not in place to facilitate workflow automation.

Manual tasks can bog down a call centre and prevent growth and productivity so a good API integration between the CRM system and hosted dialler is essential. Hostcomm’s hosted predictive dialler can integrate with Zoho CRM using the respective application programming interfaces (APIs).

This enables the following typically manual tasks to be automated:

- Data flow between the two systems can be automated. This will reduce data “clogging” on the CRM system and the associated administration time for data housekeeping.

- Call follow ups can be automated by setting the dialler to trigger workflow routines on the CRM system. This means that the agents can focus on selling.

- Moving back and forth between the dialler interface and the CRM interface can lead to lots of wasted time. Hostcomm’s hosted dialler can be controlled by the Zoho interface so the agent can disposition, pause, resume, stop recording, start recording and many other actions using only the Zoho interface.

- Manually phoning CRM contacts can be very time consuming so clients can be called by adding them to the dialler calling list from the CRM system. The dialler will only involve the agent when the call connects saving lots of wasted time.

- Processing web form leads manually using email can result in the lead going cold and competitors winning. This can be automated by injecting the lead directly into the dialler for an instant call back.

Hostcomm can provide you with a single point of contact for support on an integrated solution whether you already use Zoho or are looking to purchase. Our developers can help you with the following tasks:

- Set up of Zoho CRM account and hosted dialler.
- Workflow automation.
- Web form creation and integration with dialler.
- Web lead loader.
- Integrated script using deluge scripting.
- Customising the CRM interface.
- Adding click to dial to Zoho CRM.
- Installing dialler controls onto Zoho CRM (eg click to call, pause, record, disposition).
- Send SMS from Zoho CRM.
- Add underlying functionality to web based agent scripts.
- Configure the dialler campaign to work effectively with the CRM system.

Only by integrating these two key systems can a business grow cost effectively and without comprising customer service. Furthermore your call centre agent staff will remain motivated because they can focus on your main objective without distractions.

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