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Hostcomm hosted dialer integration features

We have released a summary of some of the integration features that are available with our hosted auto dialer service. All of these features are available as optional extras with our hosted dialler service:

  1. Agent Web Phone - built into the actual web page in the form of a tool bar it allows single login hosted dialer use. This means that the agent does not need to download and register a soft phone to start using the dialer. They merely need to login, the phone settings are set and hard coded into the web phone.
  2. Web form lead loader - using standard html web form code we can set up a web form to load leads directly from your web site. When the form is filled in the lead is inserted into the dialer database directly using a php script. The lead is then ready to be called within seconds and if set to auto dial it will be called immediately.
  3. Custom web forms - can be integrated into the agent web interface as an alternative way to capture specific information and save to a database or CRM system. The custom web form can be configured to 'pop' when a call is connected so the agent can instantly begin the process.
  4. Custom scripting - scripts are used as an aid to the agent and can incorporate additional features like custom web forms, database data and iFrame information.
  5. Scheduled custom email reports - can be configured to produce a report at a certain time of day, each day and email it out automatically. For example at the end of the day you can produce a report showing sales for the day and then email it to the Sales Director for review.
  6. Auto lead loading using FTP - leads can be sent to a folder on the dialer via FTP for automatic insertion into the relevant list. This can be timed to happen at certain points during the day (eg every 15 minutes).
  7. payMatic-PCI call centre card payment processing service - Get PCI compliance with payMatic-PCI on a low cost monthly rental service. Works with Paypal and other gateways.

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