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Hosted Call Centre Services

Today’s customers are more demanding than ever before, and want to communicate across an expanding number of channels. A customer service phone number and email is no longer enough. Deliver the service your customers expect – every time - with help from hosted contact centre services.

A hosted contact centre solution can help you control costs and connect better with your customers. It is not necessarily a single product, but a set of products that provide a consistent unified user interface for your agents, for handling customer interaction across multiple devices and media types. Having email and phone calls in silos no longer works with the influx of contact from texts, the web, social media channels and video. We make it easy for agents to use the services, through a single desktop interface.

Multi-channel service provision

Business process automation

Real time reporting

No capital investment

Secure, hosted solution

Across all locations and devices

Improve your customer satisfaction rates, increase sales and manage customer contact across every channel. Contact us today on 0808 168 4400 to discuss your requirements.

How the Hosted Call Centre Service works

Hostcomm's hosted call centre service is delivered to you on a dedicated, secure, hosted server accessible via a web interface. There is no hardware and no software for you to manage. Our service operates from the cloud, as a Software as a Service. This means no on-site installation hassles, quick set up and incredible flexibility.


You can reduce costs associated with ISDN lines and PBX equipment by adopting a hosted service. You’ll reduce the cost of your corporate communications and enable mobility with SIP VoIP which allows features such as hold, transfer, voicemail, conferencing, hunt groups and everything else you would expect to have listed under "PBX features".

Hosted Call Centre Services for Inbound and Outbound Contact Centres

Inbound Contact Centre

Manage your phone service settings via our VoIP portal. Leverage enterprise system features. It’s easy - we’ll give you all the help you need. Manage your phone service settings via our VoIP portal. Leverage enterprise system features. It’s easy - we’ll give you all the help you need. Learn more about our inbound call centre services.

Outbound Contact Centre

Do you need VoIP-enabled handsets? Hostcomm offers some great deals. Let us help you choose a product that meets your needs.Manage your phone service settings via our VoIP portal. Leverage enterprise system features. It’s easy - we’ll give you all the help you need. Learn more about our outbound call centre services.

Why Choose Hostcomm

Scalable, at a fraction of the cost

Hostcomm's hosted call centre service gives you the most comprehensive set of customer contact features for the lowest cost. You will only require a PC, SIP phone and broadband connection to get started, there is no requirement for large, up front capital expenses. You can scale the service up and down to suit your requirements. This means you’ll never have to carry excess capital costs ever again.

Dedicated hardware

Our hosted call centre solutions have dedicated hardware in the UK. This is critical to ensure that you have all the hardware resource available so you are not adversely affected by other tenants on the system that could hog resource.


Moving to the cloud must not compromise your security. Our solutions have a dedicated server, custom firewall rules and security features like VPN access can be provided. An added benefit to this type of advanced infrastructure is that logins and activity on the system can be tracked better.

Database access

Our Hosted call centre solutions provide you with database access. You’ll be able to connect to the database and generate custom reporting. We over a full range of standard reports, but we know there is always something else you’d really like to drill down to.

Automated customer contact management

All inbound and outbound customer contact is handled by the same powerful routing engine which means you can ensure customers are serviced consistently regardless of their chosen contact method. Inbound calls can be handled professionally with features such as interactive voice response (IVR), queuing, hunt groups, time of day routing, agent log in log out, auto attendant.

Multi channel service provision

A unified queuing system delivers phone calls, emails, web form submissions, chat session alerts, SMS text messages and social media contact to the agents via the same routing engine. This allows agents to handle multi-channel contact without pausing and skipping back and forth between applications.

Across All Locations

With our services you’ll be able to enhance customer services by using one platform for all location – home working agents, remote office, global offices and even outsourced workers. Whether you use outsourced agents to manage peak periods, or home working for business continuity option during severe weather or incidents, a hosted contact centre service can meet your strategic needs.

PCI Compliance

Ensure your agents are not exposed to customer credit card information. Use a hosted solution to quickly achieve the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Manage Call Volumes

Distribute calls to any fixed, mobile or IP destination. Send calls to the most appropriate agents, based on skills, least occupied, least idle. Agents can be automatically paced and can also handle simultaneous outbound calling.

Business Process Automation

Create efficiencies and prepare for business growth by automating business processes like order processing, mail merges, click to dial, screen pop client records, automatically send SMS texts, emails and scheduling follow up times. Less admin for your agents means greater productivity.


SIP VoIP apps can be installed onto your iPhone or Android allowing you to connect to the main system via Wi-Fi or 4G. This allows you can experience call centre features such as the CRM interface, VoIP calls, video, follow me, voicemail, presence, line status, buddy lists, chat, centralised billing, faxes, hold, transfer on your smart phone.