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The Hostcomm Wallboard

  • View on any browser
  • Realtime reporting
  • Standard or customisable metrics
  • Team or agent views
  • Available for hosted telephony services
  • Available for hosted dialler service

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The Hostcomm Wallboard is a web page, so you can take control of sales and campaign performance whether you are in the contact centre or working remotely. We’ll install this as part of our service hosted telephony or predictive dialler services, free of charge.

Team Performance

See individual agent or sales team performance. Team members can be selected and deselected from the wallboard. They can also be split into teams. New staff automatically appear in the list.


Real Time Reporting

View data for your call centre, campaign or by team member. There are a number of metrics we set up as standard and we can also customise the data view to suit your reporting needs.


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Watch the demo. See the Wallboard in Action.
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Contact Centre Wallboard Metrics

With the Hostcomm Wallboard, you don’t have to worry about how your metrics will impact your agents. View the metrics you need to ensure the health of your campaigns. Take corrective
action quickly and hit targets. We’ll customise the wallboard with any data you need.


Average Agent Wait time

Gain real time visibility of agent
idle time, helping you to manage your staffing levels more effectively.


Total number of sales

Make sure you are hitting target.
Real time visibility of this stat helps
you to take corrective measures
fast, and keep on target.



This stat is great for helping
you see what gets done.
Whether is sending out sales
packs or any other action in
your contact centre, you can
monitor it.


Call Wait time

Monitor how call wait times
relate to your customer
satisfaction level.


Sales per agent

Sees who’s hitting target and
who’s not. Great for managing
incentives in a timely fashion
and targetting areas for

Average talk time

Average handling time is great
for managing agents
performance when you look at it
in conjunction with sales and
first call resolutions stats.
Quantity vs. quality. 

Everyone benefits from you using a Predictive Dialler

Contact Centre Manager

Contact Centre Manager

Regular tasks are quicker from uploading lists, listening to calls to checking campaign performance. So you can spend more time coaching agents to perform at their best.



You no longer have to carry the costs of any system excess capacity and there’s no capital expenditure. It also helps improve the ROI of your data lists.

Call Centre Agents

Call Centre Agents

No more mundane tasks like call dispositioning, callback scheduling and client record updates. Your agents feel empowered to stay productive – and meet their targets.

Your Customers

Your Customers

Delight customers by calling when expected and automating the delivery of documentation they need. Your service levels are consistently at their best.

Get Started

Watch the demo. See the Wallboard in Action.
Discover the possiblities.