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Intelligent Agent Scripting for Great Customer Service

Agent confidence plays a vital role in successful calls. With intelligent agent scripting, you can keep your agents on-topic, feeling knowledgeable and confident. That makes it easier to sell or to deliver great customer service on every call and collect the data you need.

  • Reduce agent training time
  • Rich scripts make conversations flow
  • Highly customisable
  • Execute workflow from the script
  • Automatic lead assignment
  • Quick and affordable to update

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Quick and Affordable to Update

Set up your scripts exactly as you need them to be, making conversations flow. Hostcomm Scripting makes it easy to set up your scripts and to keep them up todate.

Quick and affordable to update

Hosted SaaS

Hostcomm Surveyor is a hosted SaaS solution. We host the solution for you, on our secure servers so you don’t have any infrastructure or maintenance overheads. Simply pay a small monthly subscription fee.

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Integrated Dialler

With our hosted dialler working in the background, agents can move from one completed call to the next with a single click – no wasted time on dialling. Scripting also integrates with the Hostcomm Hosted Contact Centre Service.

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Intelligent Scripting for improved Call Outcomes

Effective scripting doesn’t stifle conversations, but simply helps agents stay focused and deliver results – consistently.

With Hostcomm’s intelligent agent scripting, your agents will get a practical roadmap for every call, enabling them to switch from one campaign to another, with ease. Every time a call is connected, a single screen gives them everything they need – the script itself as well as contact information to ensure every point is covered and every detail captured.

  • Charities

    Raise more donations by increasing talk time and keeping staff and volunteers on message.

  • Debt Collection

    Ensure compliance with a script that steps every agent through every word, in a secure system.

  • Utilities

    Communicate a consistent message that gets more people to switch to your service.

  • Insurance

    Ensure quality and compliance in your contact center with scripting.

  • PPI Claims Management

    Generate more leads for your PPI claims campaigns with the best approach, asking the right questions.

  • Accident Claims Management

    Generate more leads and close more sales with the right approach for your accident claim campaigns.

Why use intelligent agent scripting?

Keep agents confident and on-topic
With an easy to follow series of screens, your script helps agents to move through incoming or outbound calls. Everything gets remembered, all appropriate data gets collected, and agents can be more confident than ever.

Reduce agent training time
Reduce the time and investment required to train agents on what to say and what to collect – for every type of call. Intelligent agent scripting provides a single screen that tells agents what to cover, when to cover it, and what information to collect.

Increase productivity and efficiency
When your agents are working with confidence, every call is more productive and efficient. And, thanks to rich workflow automation with your hosted predictive dialler, you can even eliminate time that would usually be wasted between calls or flipping between screens – they can remain working in one screen.

Collect the right data
Guided through the necessary elements of a call, your agents are prompted to collect data – and prevented from continuing until this has been done. So you can depend on high quality data being collected, on every call.

Deliver world-class customer service
With deep customisation, scripts can be tailored to restrict or to show specific data fields, depending on their answers. So your customers receive service that is relevant to their needs, making them feel like a real person, not a number.

Leave creating and amending your script to us
There’s no need to learn script logic or complex Visio workflows. We’ll create your script for you and, with our agreed SLA, we’ll amend your script as necessary. It’s cost-effective, hassle free, and available from as little as £240 for a 10-section script.

Key features

  • Guide agents through calls based on the callers personal data
  • Automatically filter fields and text to suit every caller
  • Script actively changes layout and fields during a call, based on the data captured
  • Force agents to collect data, improving data accuracy
  • Automatically assign leads to a supplier
  • Display script in sections, to make conversations flow naturally and to eliminate scrolling
  • Agents can control the dialler or inbound call queue status from within the script
  • Execute workflow tasks automatically or manually from the script
  • Control the dialler or inbound queue status from the script
  • Highly customisable to suit your brand
  • Add modules including group chat, payment gateway and mail merge
  • Quick and affordable to update

Great Service Backed by Support you can Rely On

Our team is ready to help with your scripts, every step of the way.

Our service levels agreements ensure you receive the support you need, as fast as you require it and within your budget. Our web-based ticketing system ensures clear problem resolution protocols and escalation procedures. You'll have full visibility of our progress, and reassurance knowing that we are at the end of a phone line. Discover more about how we put our customers first.


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Get Started

Watch the demo. See Scripting in Action.
Discover the possiblities.

Looking for Surveys not Scripts?

Set up your telephone survey campaign exactly as you need it to be, making conversations flow. Hostcomm Surveyor makes it easy to set up your survey with survey categories, question types and intelligent survey logic, capturing data for your analysis.


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