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Communify full feature list

communify® feature set:

IM and Presence:

Roster with contact status 
Send IM from integrated web client
Roster Integration with ICQ, AIM, Yahoo etc using XMPP
Multi user chat rooms
Send IM as sms text using smpp
Presence status including phone line status
Audible alerts
SMS send from web client
Groupware Calendaring, contacts and tasks
White boarding
Groupware protocol CalDAV, CardDAV, MAPI, AirSync, or XIMSS
Meeting reminder using sms, IM
Inbound call redirect to voicemail when in meeting
File storage
Drag and drop files to folders
Customizable folder structure
Email Features Web 2.0 flash email client
Variable storage
Groupware Templates for new accounts
Shared folders
Shared calendars
Contact lists
Filtering of email types in inbox
Rich text editor
Customised signatures
Automatic rules
Auto-complete address field Integration with IM and SMS XIMSS
Auto blacklisting POP,IMAP,MAPI & Airsync

Smartphone integration (iPhone, Android, Blackberry)
Domain DNS transfer to communify

Smartphone features: 

Outbound calling
Direct inbound calling
Chat File storage access
Email Presence and line status of colleagues
Feature codes (*plus number)
Call hold, transfer, park etc
Auto add contacts
Presence indication on contact list
HD voice
Encrypted voice using SRTP 3G & 4G codecs Business voip

PBX features: 

Auto Attendant (AA)
Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)
Automated Directory Assistance (ADA)
Automatic Ring Back (ARB)
Call Accounting
Call encryption using SRTP
Call Forwarding
Call history with click to dial from it
Call line status indication (aka busy lamp field)
Call Park
Call Pick-up
Call queueing
Call recording - always on and on demand.
Call Through
Call Transfer
Call Waiting
Call Return / Camping
Click to dial from web interface.
Conference Call
Custom Greetings
Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
Hunt groups
Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
Extension Dialing
Feature codes (*plus number)
Follow-me / Find-me
HD voice
iPhone client
CalDAV, CardDAV, MAPI, AirSync, or XIMSS
Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)
Message recorder (HD)for IVR prompts
Music on Hold (MOH)
Night Service
SIP support of any softphone or handset
Softphone dialler on client
Video call
Voicemail notification in email and web client
Voicemail (voice mail, vmail, or VMS)
3G and 4G voice