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The Best Hosted Predictive Dialler for Call Centres

Quickly increase your team’s efficiency and get more from your call centre agents with the Hostcomm ContactPro hosted predictive dialler service.

Hostcomm's ContactPro predictive dialler service will help your agents focus on talking, while delivering a consistent, high quality customer experience. It automates the process of making large volumes of calls, using statistical algorithms in predictive dialling mode. So you can reduce the time agents spend waiting between conversations, while minimising the chance of someone answering when no agent is available.

It’s a flexible service, provided as a monthly subscription. And, because it’s hosted, it can be up and running in 24 hours, without the need for IT support.

Don’t let size or legacy systems slow you down. With the Hostcomm ContactPro hosted predictive dialler, you can stay flexible, respond to changing demands, and deliver better service – starting immediately.

Why use Hostcomm ContactPro hosted predictive dialler for your call centre?

Complete call centre service

Hostcomm ContactPro offers a full contact centre service. That means you get a powerful predictive dialler, full PBX service features, and inbound call management, with fast setup, available at a fraction of the cost of an in-house dialler. No CAPEX budget or IT department support required.

Boost productivity by 300%

ContactPro makes downtime diasappear. The predictive dialler filters out numbers with bad call results like busy, no answer and unobtainable, saving enormous amounts of agent time. Agents receive a steady flow of connected calls enabling them to talk for up to 50 minutes in the hour.

Workflow automation through CRM integration

Integrate our predictive dialler with your CRM system and you can automate tasks from dialling to recording calls and sending follow-up material. Keep service quality high, eliminate manual errors all while keeping your costs low and your agents on calls, working from the interface they know – your CRM.

CRM integration

Continue to use your famliar, legacy CRM, Many leading CRM systems including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Bright Office and Zoho CRM integrate easily with the Hostcomm ContactPro predictive dialer. Discover more about CRM integration.

Realtime visibility of performance

With our predictive dialler, you’ll have access to a wallboard from any browser. You can check useful metrics in real-time, including agent performance, campaign targets, and data penetration. So you always know what’s working, and where things can be improved.

Delight customers

With no line latency and crystal-clear quality, your customers get the service they deserve. And with instant call connections, on-screen customer information and automated follow-up, customer service is timely and thorough, end-to-end.

Data Penetration

Maximising your return means keeping data costs low and data penetration high. A predictive dialler finds duplicates in your data and drives faster penetration rates by design. And you’ll have the accurate data penetration stats to prove it.


Conducting a telesales campaign means meeting the demands of OFCOM and PCI compliance. Running as a hosted solution on our fully audited, highly redundant and secure infrastructure, contactPro is compliant as standard. Discover more about our PCI compliant payment system.


Your call centre needs to respond to changing demands. That could mean scaling up fast, adding new agents or entirely new lines. Or scaling down to make your costs match the seasonality of your business. A hosted predictive dialler lets you scale up and down on-demand, in an instant.

Key Features

All inclusive – everything you need to start calling tomorrow Fully Hosted Service
Quick & easy set up Unlimited support & training included in monthly service fee
3 service in 1 – Dialler, inbound contact centre, PBX service Unlimited Campaigns, Lists, Lines, Agents
Works with SIP, PRI, T1 or Analog lines Scalable to 3000 simultaneous calls.
Inbound, Outbound and Blended call handling 100% Ofcom compliant
PCI compliant payment processing Customisable Wall board display from any web browser
Easy list upload via web list loader or SQL method Manual, progressive and predictive dialling modes.
IVR,queueing, ACD, skills routing. Insert leads from web forms
Call barge and listening Web based data export utilities
Email delivered to free agents like a call Outbound Email from agent interface
Call recording with storage for a minimum of 6 months Display a static or active script to the agents on call connect
Real time reporting

Who benefits from a predictive dialler?

Contact Centre Manager

Regular tasks are quicker from uploading lists, listening to calls to checking campaign performance. So you can spend more time coaching agents to perform at their best.


You no longer have to carry the costs of any system excess capacity and there’s no capital expenditure. It also helps improve the ROI of your data lists.

Call Centre Agents

No more mundane tasks like call dispositioning, callback scheduling and client record updates. Your agents feel empowered to stay productive – and meet their targets.

Your Customers

Delight customers by calling when expected and automating the delivery of documentation they need. Your service levels are consistently at their best.

Who uses our predictive dialler

Hostcomm ContactPro is the best Predictive Dialler service


With extensive experience in telecoms and VoIP, Hostcomm understands what it takes to run a successful call centre, and delivers solutions that are up to this standard with unparalleled uptime, call quality, and a balanced traffic profile that eliminates your risk of carrier suspension. Discover more about our experience and industry expertise.


Hostcomm runs its own secure, dedicated infrastructure, using six data centres around the world and backbone from five Tier-1 carriers. It’s an infrastructure designed to maintain your business continuity and respond fast to changing demands. Discover more about our own network infrastructure.

Security and Quality

Hostcomm’s investment in infrastructure and hosted services come together to deliver solutions that are secure and of the highest quality. So it’s easier for you to maintain your call centre’s quality standards, too.

Managed Services

Hostcomm’s managed services handle the management of your entire call centre environment, so you don’t have to. Covering everything from your call centre infrastructure to security and performance monitoring, it’s a cost-effective way to outsource management – all under a detailed Service Level Agreement (SLA). Discover more about Hostcomm's managed services.

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