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Inbound Multi-channel Contact Centre

With today’s multi-channel world, your customers are increasing expecting companies to be able to communicate with them in a variety of ways. Handling multi-channel communications efficiently is the cornerstone of providing great customer service for an inbound call centre.

Whether it’s a phone call, a tweet, a web form, email, text or post, your customers expect an efficient, quick response, through their preferred channel of communication with our internet telephony services and inbound call centre services.

Hostcomm's Multi-channel Contact Centre offers a range of solutions designed to make your agents more productive. Best of all, they can be deployed on a hosted service basis. This means no on-site installations, quick set-up and complete flexibility to scale up or down, reducing your total cost of ownership. You simply pay a small monthly service fee. Features include:

Multi-channel Communications

Intelligent call routing

Intelligent agent scripting

Workflow automation

Virtual agent groups

CRM integration

Multiple and remote locations

Call recording and call monitoring



Blended call management

Reporting and analytics

Top 10 benefits of a Multi-channel contact centre

Multi-channel communications
Hostcomm's Contact Pro Contact Centre can handle a wide range of communications options: email, text, VoIP call, tweet or web form. Also, you can increase first contact resolution with a unified multi-channel contact queue. A team of agents logs on to a single queue, ensuring each enquiry is handled with an equal level of service.

Intelligent call routing
Hostcomm’s intelligent call routing ensures every call is answered by the right agent, first time. Calls can be routed based on agent skills, campaigns, priorities, telephone numbers or geography. It’s easier for agents to recognise specific caller groups, and nuisance callers are better managed.

Increase efficiency across the business
VoIP makes it easy and cost effective to set up virtual agent groups which can be spread around the country or the world. During peak times, inbound calls can be easily redistributed to less-busy call centres or campaign teams.

Enhance agents' skills and improve training
For training or compliance purposes, our service supports call recording of all inbound and outbound calls which are stored on a web portal with a searchable directory.

Set up conferences in a flash
Ad-hoc conferences can be set up in seconds. If you need to schedule a conference, you can organise one online from the portal. Participants will be emailed the conference details.

Outbound Calling Options
As inbound call volumes decline you may want to start some outbound activity. Make every call productive, using the Hostcomm ContactPro predictive dialler.

Boost agents’ confidence with intelligent scripting
With intelligent agent scripting you can keep your agents on topic, knowledgeable and confident, making it easier to sell or deliver great customer service on every call. Effective scripting helps agents stay focused and deliver consistent results.

Advanced voicemail features
Every VoIP extension receives voicemail with many options for managing your voicemail messages. Return messages quickly with timely voicemail prompts by text or email.

CRM and workflow integration for greater efficiency
Improve efficiency and results in your call centre by integrating your CRM database with Hostcomm ContactPro, a hosted predictive dialler. Full integration between the two systems automates workflow and eradicates manual tasks that are time consuming, costly and prone to error. 

Make informed business decisions with real-time reports
Contact centre performance monitoring is vital to its commercial viability. Hostcomm’s hosted internet telephony service offers real-time statistics available from any web browser. Campaign, data and agent performance reports are generated in real time and available to download, and wall boards are available for quick viewing.